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Base Live 9 Script doesn't seem to have scene launch in Windows version.

edited July 2013 in Hardware

On my MacBook Pro it works fine, shows a cyan light in the 8th column when holding down one of the top buttons that launches the scene in whatever row.

But on my windows machine that feature doesn't seem to be present.  What should I look at to help debug this, or maybe something different in the two scripts?



  • Are you sure you are using the same script on both computers?  There isn't a different script for different OS's....however, there are two different installers, so it's possible that the Windows installer has an outdated version of the script in it's package.  The scene-launching capabilities were a recent revision to the script, so it's possible you may need to install the newest version.

    I recommend copying the Livid_Base folder from your Mac's MIDI Remote Scripts folder over to your Windows machine and see if the problem persists (I bet it doesn't).  I definitely want to know the results either way, though, so please share!  If that doesn't solve it, I'll need to see log.txt file from your Abe's preferences on your Windows machine.


  • The latest version I downloaded today works as expected!  Sorry it took me a while to revisit this.

  • hey there. I'm actually having this problem with my mac os script. I used to be able to go into Shift Mode on Mode 1 but that doesn't seem to work anymore with the LividLive9 script. I tried going back to Beta scripts and it doesn't seem to be there either. 

    Ableton Live v. 9.1.5

    thanks in advance! 
  • We're about to release an updated script that has fixed this (and many other) issues.  In the meantime, you're welcome to add the files from our development repository to your MIDI Remote Scripts folder in Live manually.  You can download the files here:

    Make sure to replace at least the Base and _Mono_Framework folders in your Live install or things won't work.  If you're using other Livid control surfaces, you should replace all of the files.


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