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Base - Live8 Script - Fader Values & LED Feedback in User Mode Banks

edited July 2013 in Hardware

Hey Guys!

I started to go into mapping the extra User Mode channels in the Live8 Base Script today. I've been running into a few things I'm still unaware on how to change.

1. User Mode Bank Faders - Once Mapped to Macros in Live8 Device...

a. How do I change the color of the LED feedback? (Right now it is only red for the Faders in User Mode Banks.)
b. How do I make the fader LEDs represent and hold the assigned macros value VISUALLY after I leave one of the User Mode Banks and return? 
(Right now the fader LEDs will VISUALLY represent the current value of the assigned macro ONLY initially when I enter a User Mode Bank and move a fader. Once I change back from a User Mode Bank I moved a Fader in to Session bank 1 for example... and then return to the same User Mode Bank... the Fader's LED values VISUALLY reset although the assigned macro's values stay the same as when I was first in the User Mode Bank and moved the fader to where I want it.)

2. User Mode Velocity Pads - How do I change the color of the LED feedback? (Right now I have no LED feedback on the User Mode Pads.)

Thanks for any and all help you can offer!



  • Quick update... for question 1-b. all is good to go. I didn't realize the output "remote" wasn't selected in the midi setup.

    All I'm still curious about is the LED Colors for the User Mode Faders and Pads and how to change them.
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