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Pre-Sales Q: Opinions comparing CNTRL:R & OhmRGB Slim

edited July 2013 in Hardware

Opinions...we all have 'em! 
Choice of instrument modulates the direction the art evolves: what I want to do now isn't necessarily what I'll be wanting to do a year from now.  I just know that right now, the ruggedness and size of the APC40 I'm using is an issue for me. 

There are the obvious comparisons between the Ohm & the CNTRL:R (buttons, faders, size, expansion, etc), and the availability of random user scripts based on the differing popularity of both units.  I'm seriously attracted to having so many rotaries at my disposal with the CNTRL:R but fear limiting my button pushing options, and the Ohm seems to be more 'popular' (read: more possibility of sharing information with a broader range of users).

I travel quite a bit, so a compact unit is paramount: I'm comparing only the OhmRGB Slim.  (Think I'll want the expansion capabilities on the CNTL:R for future tweaks?)

If you've already gone thru this comparison process, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts, and especially your post purchase thoughts.  Not to be a data whore, but since I've found few controllerists do the same thing, if you also have any YouTube's or blog posts on how your relate to your system, that'd be immensely helpful.

(Random note: Will Marshall's Ohm script includes a [Shift]+button feature - I'm looking on the Ohm Editor for this & will probably purchase the Mr Marshall's script just to see how it's done, but has anyone been able to code a [Shift]+button on the CNTRL:R?  Yeah, different than banking - I need the banks too. heh heh)


  • I was hoping a non-livid employee would jump in here and give you some user to user insight.

    We actually just created these buyers guides, which may give you some insight:

    I'd be happy to answer anymore specific questions.

  • What kind of music (I'm assuming music, though could be anything) do you make or are interested in making with these controllers? With respect to keeping some headroom for growth/evolution, do you have any particular purposes in mind that you'd like to accomplish?

  • I've written & re-written a response for this, with varying degrees of 'geeking out', and continue to be unsatisfied I'm properly communicating my goals.

    For lack of a better term, my music is "Electronic World Fusion": I mix ethnic instruments (didge, oud, various drums, etc, often played live) with beats & electronics. I tend to borrow more traditional dance and pop electronic idioms and mix them in culturally inappropriate ways with ethnic melodies & rhythms.

    I recognize that my choice in instruments will help shape the direction of what I do.  Currently, I think in terms of 3 axes: X=Time/Sequence, Y=Layers/Tracks, and Z=Modulations.  When I play 'live', I desire to keep as many real time controls at my fingertips as possible to facilitate 'on the fly' jamming along the X axis, while experimenting on the Z axis, hence my fascination with the CNTRL:R.

    Being old and getting back into electronic music after a nearly 2 decade hiatus, the learning/re-learning curve has been brutal. I know it is possible to accomplish more with fewer controls, but I honestly don't want to have to re-invent my interface for each set. I'd rather have knob "A" tend to do the same thing with each set, or at least group consistent variables in different blocks with inconsistent variables.

    As it is right now with my APC40, I enjoy having 8 tracks playing at once but I'm frustrated at my modulation options. Of course, I play with dummy clips automating certain template types of modulations, but a more tactile real-time interface would be delicious for those circumstances.

    I admittedly know little of DJ'ing, athough I've been devouring as many how-to videos as I can track down. I tend to counsel promoters to not bill me as a DJ because I feel I don't have those skillsets (knowing how to push/pull the energy with the dance floor, knowing what audience reactions indicate, knowing what beats are going to bring them up & drop them down, etc).

    Back in the old days (to give you an idea: my controller was a DX7IIFD Centennial) we had fewer options. Now that I can do anything I can pretty much imagine with any button or knob, I'm often stagnating with envisioning the big picture - yeah, I should just dive in, but before putting down $700-800 I want to get a better idea of things.

    In writing/re-writing this response, and intently reviewing the buyers guides, I think I've honestly decided, but just making sure. My biggest fear is that going with something that seems more popular, such as the Ohm, would expand some of the options for seeing what others do, but I'm more attracted to the CNTRL:R for both aesthetics and features.

    Then there's that brutal learning curve. heh

  • Learning curve is fairly small, it may seem so at first, but once you get your hands on it it will become very clear. Can't say if ohm or cntrlr has a "better" option, but you will have a very similar experience with either, just a bit different. Also a lot of things are interchangeable, really can't go wrong with either.

  • I considered making the investment for quite awhile before finally making the leap and can honestly say that I'm really happy I went for it. Something about the open ended ideal that these controllers embody has got me thinking about music from angles that I previously hadn't considered. If you feel inclined I'd be psyched to hear some of your music.

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