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OhmModes Editing Question

edited July 2013 in Software Discussion

Hello all,

I am planning to buy an OhmRGB in the near future, and I am wondering- in OhmModes, would it be possible for me to edit the far right fader to function as an eighth track instead of Master?  I would want the functionality to follow the navigation of the Set (as opposed to being mapped to just one track).  The Select buttton below the fader would need to be changed from Master to Track as well.  

Would this be something I could perform in a relatively simple manner?  I understand it may be necessary to use Python to edit.  I don't have any experience with that... guess I could learn.



  • This is a pretty simple modification to make to the script.  I've actually already made similar changes to the script for other users that wanted this type of functionality, I can share those with you or point you in the right direction to make the changes yourself.  

    Editing the Python scripts is as easy as typing in a text editor, but getting a changed script to work in Live can be a bit more difficult.  Simple changes like what you're proposing are a good place to start, though;  all it takes is a little reading and some patience.


  • Thanks for your message. Would you be willing to share these changes you've made with me? I would be greatly appreciative. If I find I'm needing further edits, I could then look into learning Python etc.

  • I will get back to you as soon as I can find the files...I'm happy to share work I've already done.  There were a bunch of posts about this particular issue in the forums, but I'm afraid those posts got lost when we changed the forums over.  Even so, making the change to 8 tracks isn't a huge deal, I'll get back to you shortly.


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