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? on midi controller design with Omniboard and Brainv2

edited June 2013 in Hardware

I'm planning to do a midi controller but I have few ?, that need to be answered first. It is going to be a step by step construction.
I plan to use the DIY products to do my design.

My installation:  - pc laptop 64bit i3
                        - Traktor Pro2
                        - S4 and F1
                        - Korg Nanocontrol
I wish to replace my Nanocontrol with my DIY livid controller. I'm going to use that controller mainly for the effects section, macro and cue point.
I've been playing for a wile now. I love Traktor. I've design a way for me to have a more subtle and powerful control on the effect section. Like they say, it's not the quantity but the quality that is important. So I use the fader to control the D/W and the effects amounts. In that way I can use 8 fingers at the same time to shape my sound and have a clear visual on wath is going on ( without looking at the computer ). It is going to look a little bit like the Skiff 80 plus 2 XPC. But I want to build it my self.
That is why I need your help. 

  - His there any template on CAD with the measurements of each different type of opening space needed to operate, Knobs, faders, 60mm and 30mm,       encoders, buttons? I want to plan my face plate ready for the laser cut, so I need the specs.

  - How do you mount the face plate to the Omni boards?
  - what kind of screws do you use ( size ) and does Livid sale those screws ?
  - what do you use for spacers between the board and the face plate ?

  - I would like to put the Brain V2 between 12" to "20" from the controller unit. My plan is to have thin controller. I'm putting in just under my computer           and over my S4. So is there other than 300mm length of cable at Livid ? 
  - There is going to be 4 unit's in the same box, like the Element Skiff 80 and 2 more units that I wish to connect like the XPC. Does Livid sale the               connections and cables for the XPC that I can put on the Brain V2 ?

4: Leds
  - Is there a place on the Omniboard to put led for the pots and encoders? a little bit like the Alias8. I just want to see my pot's in the dark.
  - I wish to put different colors of leds under my buttons to distinguish the functions. Is it just a question of resistance ? 

5: Traktor
  - For the mapping, do I have to use another program or it is as simple as mapping the korg in Traktor. just have to push learn button?

6: Faders
  - Is the 30mm fader as the same feeling as the 60mm or there is no resistance. I didn't any alias 8 around my place to see what those fader fell like. 
  - On my fader i'm going to put the finger button do I have the space to put those when using the omni             board, in between the 30mm fader and button or pots?
7: Board
 - where should I be using the Omniboard and where the RGB board, I'm not sure I understand the different's between those 2 boards

To give a better idea of what I'm planning to build, there's going to be in the main controller 4 unit's. 2 like 4B, 2 like 4F8K. 
Plus 2 independent units 4F4B.

Thank's for your help, you can see that English is not my mother language!

any comments and suggestions would be appreciate!




  • 1) Contact us through the support section of our website, and I can get you cad files for any faceplates you will need. Also you could purchase faceplates directly from us.

    2) On our site you can see the spacers we use for buttons. If you are talking about spacers with pots and faders, they are very small spacers that the screws thread through. Contact us at when you are ready to purchase and we can figure out a way to include them in your shipment. Same goes for the screws.

    3) I think all the connections you are describing require 10pin ribbon cable. If you contact us before ordering, we can make custom ribbon cables at whatever length you need.

    4) We do not have a product to create backlight LED's. You can probably get creative and figure something out. Any bright led's behind the faceplate will show through. There is no question of resistance for different color LED's under buttons. Just connect which ever color you like.

    5) Exactly, its that simple.

    6) The 60mm and 30mm faders feel the same, just shorter travel distance. You can use the faders knobs that you linked to, but they may seem a bit big. (I like them) However, we ship our modules out with these: They look a bit more proportional.

    7) The omni board and RGB are almost the exact same. The only difference is that the RGB omni has 16 RGB led's pre-installed. Each RGB is capable of displaying 7 different colors.

    8) Your English is fantastic. This is the best formulated question i've seen in a while :)

  • Wow that was fast !
    1) Great to know that I can buy the face plate from Livid. Is it possible to buy it in black  on a special order.  like
    Can you tell me a average price for one face plate. I want to start this project fast but I like to plan the cost, I have all the prices for the items except the face plate.

    4) Ok I get the idea for the led, I did saw this set up
     The one with the yellow led on each side of the pots, is this possible to do on the omniboard, if not i will follow your first suggestion.
    6) for the 30mm faders, I was planning to use it to do kills ( cutoff switch for EQ ) like the one you use to find on the Vestax PMC 250,m.169490.html   I did like the control that it give, but I probably have to chose the button to be efficient.

    7) «Each RGB is capable of displaying 7 different colors». Like we say there is no stupid questions, so here I go, do you mean that you can put 7 different colors on the same board or you can chose on the program between 7 colors to be displayed from one led associated to a function ? HUM :-)
    It is probably the first answer the good one. So if I go with that scenario I can probably order the colours that I need and it would be more efficient to order the RGB for my 4B boards.
    I have to say I have medium knowledge in electronics, but I have a friend that I can count on. I did couple off DIY project for audio amp, so I do have good skill for soldering. I refurbish a Sansui 9090 completely. Still I like to keep it simple. I do understand that when I'm going to place my order I will have good support.

    For the 2 independent units, Do you have a solution for those? I would like to be able to connect them and disconnect them to the Brain board easily. Plugs that I can put on the side of the box containing the brain. XPC style.

    The last questions. I had a fast look couple of time at your Wiki. For sure I'm going to be a better student when I will start my project. But for now, putting three encoders and one rotary pot on the same row, it's possible, I presume it doesn't mater if it's encoder or rotary pots, it's just a questions of soldering the right pins. I'm I right ?

    Thank you very much Mark for your details answers and the complement in the 8)



  • 1) We can't do custom colors :( I'm pretty sure the faceplates are around $25. I'll double check that.

    4) The omni board does not have any spot on the board available for back lighting. You can draw power off the Brain and run your own small LED circuit. On the external pin header (JP3), pin 1 is Ground, pin 13 is 3.3v, and pin 14 is 5v.

    6) Our 30mm faders can work as a button being on at the top and off at the bottom. You can configure this using the editor:

    7) Each RGB led can out put 7 different colors. Really its 3 different colors, then all combinations make for 7 different colors. So a 16B would have 16 LED's each capable of outputting 7 different colors.

    For the 2 independent units, why don't you just order XPC's?

    Encoders and pots are on different circuits within the omni board, so yes you could combine them like that. I will say it may not be efficient depending on what all you are trying to connect. If you have a single pot on an omni board it will still take up 1 full header (out of 8) on the Brain. So you will only be using 1 analog where you could have had 8. I guess it really depends how close to the max capacity of the brain your project is going to be.

    Please keep the questions coming if you have more!

  • Hello Mark.

    1) I was sorry to see that all my link didn't work! second try.
    It's a black Elements. I don't want to do my princess but all my gear is in black, that's why I was hopping to find black face plate. I should find some company who can do-it for me, here in Montreal Canada. If not I'll buy the silver one :-)

    6) For the 30mm faders, I was looking for free resistance travelling. Don't worry about that, I'm just going to put buttons to do my kills.

    7) I'm going to use The RGB omni for the 4E4K8B and the 16B.

    With all the information you gave me, I did, adjust my configuration to be more efficient.

    The main board is going to be: 2 plates 4F4B, 2 plates 4E4K8B.

    For the extensions It is going to be 1 plate 16B, the last is going to be open for the future, but it will probably be a 4 arcade buttons.
    For those 2 independent I did not chose the XPC's because it's not the configuration that I need. If you don't sale connections that I could mount on the chassis and plug in the brain, I'm just going to order longer 10pins ribbon cable and do a trap to have easy access to the brain to unplugged the units.

    Thank you again Mark.


  • 1) Update: we can sell you the normal (silver) faceplates for $25 each. To make custom black one will be $50 each. It take a lot of time to make the face plates and screen print them individually.

    We can make the ribbon cables whatever length you need!

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