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l.I. code remote script for live 9

edited June 2013 in Hardware

Hi, I test the installer but there is only a Standard remote script available for live 9 & Code . How far Is a update of the Griid remote script idea for the Code controller for Live 9 ? i can t wait to control Send A D for 8 or with 2 Code 16 tracks in Ableton 8 and the old script. My Ableton live setup is down since Live 9 works not with old Griid script from Live 8. ...... i hope. Its coming soon ... Mfg J3H


  • The CodeGriid script is in the installer. Look for "Livid_CodeGriid" in the control surface scripts list. If you don't see it...can you send a picture of the menu?

  • edited June 2013

    Hi, the "Livid Code Griid" script have noo navigation box.. Only track1 - 8 can be controlled . The Banks or 5 mode's can be changed .

    The second linked Script works how the standard script under live 8. The navigation box runs in the
    Session view in Live 9.0.4. pretty good...

    But the SENDS A,B location fits not corect.. The SEND A location unter Ableton live session view is on the top and then B and C and so on. when I look on the Controller there is B on top, second A .....

    P.S. The installer creat a new local destination file under C:/Programdata/Ableton Called Ableton/remote scripts/GRIID...'' and so on. I copy the files manuel to the right Ableton remote file location.

    I hope Griid script become a frame or Navigation box ...back Thx

    Wfg J3H

  • edited June 2013

    The CodeGriid script is designed to work with Liine's Griid script, which has it's own clip box and navigation controls.  However, if you wish to use the CodeGriid script in "standalone mode", you can edit line 35 of the file inside the CodeGriid folder with a text editor of your choice to read:


    Once you've made this change, save the file and restart Live.  The session navigation box, clip launching features, and navigation controls will work with the CodeGriid script.

    Hope this helps!

  • edited June 2013

    Hi, I found the same info after searching in the wiki manual.

    And its runs perfect now in live 9 ......'weekend first test with 2 APC & 2 L.I. CODE's ..... I'm so happy thx.thx ..'

    Wfg J3H . P.s. Thx ....

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