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Elements : 16B notes are triggering uncontrollably

edited June 2013 in Hardware

Hello everyone,
I'm new with LIVID and MIDI code. Please,help me.

My module list : 1st row  = 4E4F4B > 16K > 16B(1) > 4E4F4B
                         2rd row = 4F4B > 16B(2) > 16K 8F 

The problem are
1.My 16B(1) module notes
are triggering uncontrollably in default setting.
  When I made some adjustment on 16B MIDI Setting some buttons has stopped working.
2.16B(2) seems to replicated the setting from 16B(1).
*Other modules are working fine. (I think) 

NOTE : BrainV2 firmware updated to v178 
            Run on OSX 10.7.5


Thank you in advance!


  • What other modules do you have in your setup? Can you post a screeenshot of your alchemist setup?

  • edited June 2013

    Hi Jay,

    Here is my latest setup. The same problem from the previous setup still occurred.


    NOTE : 16B(1) > RED circle is 2 buttons that keep sent the MIDI signal out repeatedly.
                16B(2) > BLUE circle is the same problem that occur with 16B(1)

    NOTE2: No problem with other buttons in this setup.


  • Can you try swapping ribbon cables with the bad one? Perhaps the cable is kinked/bad?

  • I tried to swap ribbon cables around but it still doesn't work.

    After swapping ribbon cables and check all modules one by one.
    Then, I found the PROBLEMS as following images below.

    *4E4F4B(1) > Analog keep streaming
    *4E4F4B(2) > Analog keep streaming

    *4F4B > Analog keep streaming

    ON THE OTHER HAND > These 2 modules with analog are working with no stream.

    *8F > Working with no stream

    *16K > Working with no stream

    Thank you,

  • I sent you a detailed solution through the support center.

    For anyone else having this problem, use the "advanced" section to disable the analogs that are streaming. In this case those analogs are not being used so it will not effect the device.

  • Thanks, Mark! 

    As your suggestion, the streaming is now STOP! Hooray!!! 
    BUT, another problem is both of my 16Bs some of the buttons still not working properly.

    NOTE#1 : The buttons that are circled in the screenshot are suddenly stop working.
    NOTE#2 : On individually tested, EVERY buttons on both 16Bs were working.


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