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A few more questions about Base (Midi channels, LEDs)

edited June 2013 in Hardware

Hi all, 

I've got three questions about the Base, which I only received yesterday. I hope they're not too noobish.

a) The Base has currently 7 banks and therefore sends out MIDI on channels 1-7. It can't sent on channels 8-16?
b) Could the bank/MIDI channel be decoupled so that the Base can send on all channels?
c) When buttons or pads are in toggle mode, can the Base's LEDs be made to shine while the button is ON and turn off when the button is OFF? I often control stuff that does not provide a MIDI back channel (DS Evolver and older synths) and it would be great to see the configuration.

Oh, and I think I found a mistake in the manual to update the Base. It says: 
- Hold down the bottom right rubber button (#8) while plugging in the controller.
- When you plug it in you should see the top right pad blink.
On my machine it was actually the bottom right rubber button (#8) that started to blink, that was a bit confusing.

Thanks for all the great work!



  • Hi all,

    first half of the above question is solved: I know now how to program the 7 banks to channels other than 1-7. 
    The third question is still around: LED local control will make the button light up once but not stay on all the while it's on (in toggle mode).

  • Hi Peter, yes I did. The only difference between turning them on and off is that they don't light up at all when local control is off and when it's on they light up only as long as I'm pressing the button. However, they don't keep on being lit up when in toggle mode. 

  • Hi Moon,

    thanks for checking. It works, but only for notes and only when it doesn't send cc. I had cc turned on, which is why I didn't see the results. I haven't tried out though what that means for controlling external synths: they sometimes have simple on/off switches which, afaik, react to cc messages and not to note on/off messages. There might be a work-around for soft/-hardware that does not provide a MIDI backchannel by using something like MidiPipe and simply returning the MIDI messages back to the Base.

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