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Connecting breakout board to Brain v2 and rgb omni board with 4x4 keypads

edited June 2013 in Hardware

I am trying to expand and build a new midi controller but have some parts already and wanted to know how to use them with the Brain v2.

I have 4 of these breakout boards wired up with 8 knobs each already can I easily connect these to the Brain v2 by just plugging it in? right now it has this ribbion connector plugged into it like this on would that go directly into the Brain v2

I want to add 4 rgb omni boards with 4x4 rubber keypads on each and wanted to know if I had to buy 4 of 4x1 omni keypads the or if I could just get one 4x4 small keypads for each one? Is there a difference between the omni keypads and the small keypads as i don't see a 4x4 omni keypad in the store?

I also wanted to add two more omni boards with 4 rotary encoders and 4 lvbi fader / slide potentiometers on each so final layout would be
32 - knobs
4 - rbb omni boards with 4x4 rubber keypads on each 
2 - omni boards with 4 rotary encoders and 4 lvbi fader / slide potentiometers on each
would the Brain v2 be able to handle all this? 

Thanks for in advance for any help


  • Yes that cable will connect to the Brain v2, but it really matters what kind of circuit is on the board you are connecting to. Can you share any information about the board?

    There is a difference between the small keypads and omni keypads. The spacing between the buttons is different. You can only buy omni keypads as 4X1.

    32 Knobs + 8 lvbi faders = 40 analogs OK! (max = 64)

    192 LEDS (4 RGB boards X 48 leds each) OK! (max = 192)

    64 Buttons (4 RGB boards X 16 buttons each) + 16 Buttons (8 encoders X 2, encoders count as 2 buttons) = 80 Buttons OK! (max = 128)

    Yes the Brain v2 can handle this project!

  • edited June 2013

    Thanks for your help

    this is the circuit board the knobs are wired to - - its just a 10 pin out with a ribbion cable running to this midi brain right now but there is no space on this midi brain to add more - hence why I wanted to upgrade to the Brain v2

    since I would want the omni board to have faders and encoders would they have to plug into diffrent ports on the Brain v2? 

    also are there any video or tutorials about wiring up the rgb omni board?
  • Its hard for me to say for sure that the exp8sc will work. It looks like it will work fine, but I do not know the exact pin layout for that 10pin connection.

    Here is some information about our 10pin connections:

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