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Brain Jr LED trigger

edited June 2013 in Hardware

Hi to all,
First I´m an absolut Beginner in this section. And my plan was to build my own 4x4 Arcarde Button Controler (like the Midifighter Spectra) to trigger the Drumrack in Live 8 Starting at the C1-> the first Button with equal mappig like in Live 8 Drum Rack. While triggering a Midinote I also want a single color LED triggerd which is beneath the clear Button.
1st Problem:I am not very into the Midiprogramming stuff. And im also a bit handycaped with the Laguage in the Wiki, because I´m from germany. (the part you guys may not help) :-D
2nd Problem: I watched the Introducing vid of the Brain Jr. ()  where its explained how triggering Button and LED simultaniusly works. But I can`t find the where to turn on "local control" in Miditools
3rd Problem: The first Button always triggers C-2 in the Ableton Drum Rack and I want it to start at C1

I hope you can understand what i wrote :D and might help me out




  • Hi. You don't need ANY programming to work with the Brain jr, so don't worry!

    #2 Do you want the LED to light up when you press the button or when a clip is playing? If the latter, just make sure you have the proper MIDI inputs and outputs set in Live. If the former please turn on local control with the editor, please see local control

    #3 c1 is note 36, you just need to change that using the editor. 
  • edited June 2013

    Ok Thanks for the qick answer

     I`ll give it a try next week ;-)

  • edited July 2013

    Hi everyone,

    still not getting #2 to work. The LEDs are triggered when the first button is set to c-2 and local control is on. But since i got #3 working so the Drumpad of Live works perfectly with it the LED wont get triggered. On the Picture below you can see my settings. Maybe you can give me a hint.<br><img src=""><br>One other thing I would like to get to work is that when a midi Notes/patterns are played in Live that the LEDs get triggered (playback) without pushing the button!

    thank you for the quick help the last time.

  • I think you may have found a bug! We are working to figure this out and should have an update soon.

  • Hi,

    sorry for my long absence, I had to much other stuff to do. When will the firmwareupdate be released?
    and is it even possible th get this "one other thing I would like to get to work is that when a midi Notes/patterns are played in Live that the LEDs get triggered (playback) without pushing the button!"  to work?


  • Yes that is absolutely possible. Can you post a picture of your MIDI settings in Live?

    I'm going to have to look into this again. I know we have released a firmware update since this thread was started, but i'm not sure if this was covered.

    It still may be a settings issue and not a firmware bug.

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    below a picture of my midi settings in Live 9 Midi settings.JPG
    I´m runnig it with Win XP SP3, if it matters

  • I can't see an attachment?

  • edited August 2013

    isn`t the link working?

    I cant put the screenshot in the comment like a video

    maybe this is working:

  • Yes that should work, but what MIDI notes is it sending? You can spy on it with something like MIDI OX (win) or MIDI monitor (mac)

  • edited August 2013


    this is what Midi OX is showing me in Input and output Monitor:

    And these are my brain cfg settings:

  • Is your firmware up to date?

  • Yes it is since yesterday. But now my Brain cofigurations are also resetted and I don`t have accsess to a Win 7 PC untill tomorrow to fix it.

  • Hi again,

    now everything is up to date and the Brain configurations is like this:

    but it is still not working.  Is nobody using LED`s in combination with BrainJr. ?

  • Hi,

    with this new Firmwareupdate the Problem does not seem to be solved. My last Idea to get this to work properly is to use a Preset. Is there anybody with a similar setup (16 Buttons that work together with 16 LED`S) who can either test my configurations or send me a working preset??

  • Sorry it has taken me so long to respond here! I did a full test on your settings today and everything works fine, so there is something else going on here. I'm going to email you directly a preset file .lmd that you can open through the editor then load to your Brain Jr.

    There are only a couple of things that I can think are going on here:

    1) Corrupt firmware. To fix this you should just reload the v211 firmware onto your brain jr. If you are using Mac, you can use our brand new bootloader. Download here:

    2) Bad communication between editor and Brain Jr. If this is happening a firmware re-flash may solve it. I say this because I notice the only difference between your screen shot settings and what I did, was that my Brain Jr. shows up as "Brain Jr. Controls" and yours is just showing up as brain jr. I'm referring to the drop down box on the top right under the word settings. Try disconnecting and reconnecting a couple times to see if you can get the brain jr to show up as "Brain Jr. Controls". What operation system are you using?

    3) Not pressing "send config to Brain" and "save to Brain" this is a long shot, but I thought I would mention just in case it is something this simple.

    You did say that local control was working at first which means you have had some success sending settings to the brain jr.

    Hopefully the .lmd helps out. These .lmd files can be a bit weird with the editor, so you may find that you have to open it a couple times. Sometimes it populates blank settings, and I will just send it to brain anyways then request the settings back from the brain. I'm just saying you may have to play with it a bit :)

  • Hi Mark,

    thank you for all this testing and stuff. Im glad this Support works so great! Its no problem if this conversation or "problem solving" takes a little longer. I also dont have the time to check out the forum for new entries everyday, and testing can unfortunately only be done on weekends :-(.

    I am running the Brain editor on Win7. But Live is operating on an Win XP system. And it is not working on any of them.

    I alway press "send config to Brain" and "save to Brain" so we can exclude this.

    Next thing i am going to do ist re-flash the Firmware and try out the preset file and give feed back on Sunday or Monday

  • Ok let us know how it goes!

  • Hi,

    after flashing the firmware twice and a lot of patience now the LEDs glow when triggering a button!<br>One last thing I like to get to work, and I think it should not be such a big thing, is that the LEDs are also triggered playback. That means, when a Drumrack is Playing e.g. previously recorded stuff, the LED`S should also blink up as an optical feedback to the notes being played

    thanks for getting the first thing to work and also your patience :D

  • This last issue probably has to do more with Live than the Brain Jr.

    In your MIDI preferences in Live, make sure you have "track" and "remote" enabled for every option that says Brain Jr. Also make sure that you have selected "Brain Jr. from the drop down menu for input and output.

  • Hi Mark,

    these are my Live settings. They should work. I experimented with these before, but now once more and nothing changed.

  • Try setting the input and output to "BrainJr (controls)" instead of "BrainJr (port 2)"

  • Hi Mark,

    sorry for long time no hear, it is not possible to select "BrainJr (controls)" in Live9. It isn`t even displayed in the Brain Configure.
    But now I got my own Win7 system so I can check out your hints imedeately

  • How do I set "brain Jr"  to "Brain Jr controls" ?

  • What is will say is different on each OS. It might show up as Brain Jr. USB Audio Device or Controls. But you definitely don't want to choose anything that says (port 2). In this case just choose Brain Jr

  • Ok, so this seems not to be the problem.

  • I'll try to recreate this issue today or tomorrow!

    The problem is no LED feedback from Live correct?

  • Yes that`s right. I got blinking LED while pushing Buttons but not played back

  • Do you have local control enabled? 

  • Yes button local control is enabled.
    again my brain jr. settings:

    maybe there is anything else wrong

    thank you for you patience :-D

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