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Locked Blue Hand in Live 9

edited June 2013 in Software Discussion

Hi All,

Not sure if anyone else out there is experiencing this issue with Live 9, but for reference purposes I am using:

* Ableton Live 9.0.4
* Livid Ohm64
* The default Livid Instruments MIDI script ("Livid Ohm64")
* Windows 7 (32bit)

Previously, when using the Ohm64 to select a track (Buttons B1-B8), the rack it contained would automatically be mapped to the eight dial controllers at the top left of the device (Dials K1-K8). The focus would change depending on the track selected to provide quick mapping for multiple racks as noted here:

Since the update to Live 9 and installing the new script however, these same dials now seem bound to whichever device is locked with the 'blue hand', irrespective of the selected track.

This has only been an issue for me since upgrading.

Can anyone tell me if this is an issue with the script itself? Or is it related to a changed functionality of the 'blue hand' within Live 9?

Either way, I'd love to hear a solution if anyone has any suggestions.



  • Just a quick addendum to the initial problem posted above:

    In trying out other remote scripts, I notice this issue is non-existent in OhmModes. Page 2 ('Playing' mode) provides the same bankable device feature - using knobs K1 to K8 - without issue.

    This leads me to believe the problem is with the default Ohm64 script rather than Live 9 itself.

    So although I am certainly no Python aficionado, I poked around in the Livid_Ohm64 script to see if I could spot anything obvious that was out of order. As such, I believe this slice of code is the one that deals with assigning the relevant knobs to a track contained device (but by all means let me know if I am incorrect!):

    device_param_controls = []
    effects_knob_cc = [17,16,9,8,19,18,11,10]
    device = DeviceComponent()

    for index in range(8):
    device_param_controls.append(EncoderElement(MIDI_CC_TYPE, 0, effects_knob_cc[index], Live.MidiMap.MapMode.absolute))


    Can anyone with the know-how see any problems with those few lines?

    I have already checked out the MIDI CC numbers and they seem to correlate to knobs K1 to K8 correctly, so I'm a little stumped as to what else might be wrong.


    As always, any assistance would be most welcome!

  • Nope, that's all groovy.  Try adding this line somewhere in the init() function:

            self._device_selection_follows_track_selection = True

    It's turned off by default in the ControlSurface class, turning it on should restore the behavior you're looking for.

  • Thanks amounra - you're a superstar!

    I'll add that line in now and give it a whirl.

    Thanks so much!
  • Excellent! That additional line of code did the business amounra - thanks again!

    So just in case anyone else out there is looking for the same fix, I have ZIPped and uploaded the adjusted version of the Ohm64 script here for you:

    Bear in mind this remote mapping script is for use with Live 9 and an Ohm64 or OhmRGB controller.

    To use it, you need to unZIP and drop the Livid_Ohm64 folder in the usual place (For windows 7 the location is: C:\ProgramData\Ableton\Live 9 Suite\Resources\MIDI Remote Scripts).

    Anyhow, I'll leave it there for now and hopefully it helps someone else.

    Until next time.

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