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CellDNA Chromakey effect not working as written in manual

edited May 2013 in Hardware

New user, new owner here...

Seems like the way the manual for CellDNA states "Just click on the Preview window to select a color. Turning the knob adjust the amount of sensitivity the key has." is not working.  When I click on preview window nothing changes and chromakey always behaves as if the color picked is white.

OSX Mountain Lion, MAX 6.1 installed as well (unsure if this matters)


  • I'm not able to duplicate this problem on Mountain Lion. Do you have some example movies I can try, or can you share a video that demonstrates this?

  • Here's what I'm getting.

    It doesn't matter where I click on what anywhere in an attempt to set the chromakey color.

  • Are you clicking in the bottom images or the top left corner "main output" preview? Perhaps this should be more clear in the documentation! The clicking refers to the top left main output preview...

  • and the opposite:

  • Maybe this video will help clear up any confusion? Either you can duplicate what I do here, or it will at least clarify where things are going wrong on your end!

  • Yes, that is precisely what is NOT working.  When I click on the preview window nothing changes.

  • that's a conundrum. Send a mail to pete at lividinstruments and we can arrange to try to get a better understanding of this issue.

  • was this issue ever resolved? i'm having the same issue, albeit with demo version and os x 10.8.3...

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