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Wiring up only one slider on an Omni-Board

edited April 2013 in Hardware

Hi there.

I want to create a very simple control unit: just one cross fader.

It's actually going to be used in conjunction with 7 other Elements modules, but it's this one part I have to build myself with Builder DIY as there's no Element unit like it.

So I have the following:
1x omni-board
1x 30mm Fader/slider potentiometer
1x .01 Ceramic Capacitor
2x omni pin headers
1x dj battle knob

I want the slider positioned in the center, or as close to it as possible [see pic].

The thing is, I'm just not sure :
- where to put my .01 capacitor
- do I need a Header Capacitor also? If so where does this go?
- where does the omni pin header[s] go?

Sorry if this is a bit nooby, but I only have one omni-board and can't afford to screw this up at this late stage of this project!

Thanks for any help.





    You are basically working on this module, but leaving out 4 knobs, 4 buttons, and 3 faders.

    Try following these instructions but only populate the SC3, HC3, Header for "Slide1-4Pot13-16", and your slide pot.

  • Thanks Mark.

    I need to track down a 10uf capacitor but unclear about what I'm looking for. Should it look like the one in your store:

    If the black one, can you give me the details about this component so I can try and track it down?



  • Thanks, I've had success with the black one.
  • Yes, either will work. Glad to hear everything is working!

  • Just repatched all 8 modules into a Livid Duel 80 and am having some weird stuff going on with the crossfader module. It keeps pumping out an endless stream of midi data. Any idea on what would cause this to happen?

  • edited April 2013

    You may have the wires soldered to the pins wrong or bad solder. 

    So the module was working on its own, and then started streaming when you connected them all together?

    Are you sure it is the crossfader module streaming?
  • Ahh..when I have the unit on the bed in my hotel room it works fine, but when I put it next to the monitor and power cables on the desk it goes all haywire. Seems the problem is related to some kind of electrical interference I think. Probably an earthing issue as the slider unit hasn't been connected properly to the rack yet. Also the Duel 80 has no AC power supply, only USB. So we're looking at earthing the casing or getting a power supply.

  • If we get a power supply made here in China all we need to know is the polarity of the socket plug. Negative on the outside or inside?

  • Can you post a picture of your set up? Please show the capacitors in particular.

    This is the part number for the power jack: PJ-102AH

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