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Brain JR and Omni Board

edited April 2013 in Hardware

I am trying to start my first DIY using the Brain JR and am wondering if there is a way to integrate and connect the livid omni board.  If so, how would one go about connecting it (seeing as the omni board ribbon cable connections aren't setup as they are with the Brain V2)?  If it's not, does anyone have recommendations for preferred breakout boards?  I am using a variety of push buttons, faders, rotary knobs, and encoders.


  • We'll be adding some instruction on this in the next few weeks.

  • Great! Thanks for your response

  • It's pretty simple really, it's just a matter of using the pin headers to the right places on the jr, but the Omni shield we are releasing makes it super simple ;)

  • Is there already an update on this matter?

  • Yes we are ordering a prototype round of Brain Jr. shields today. They should be on sale in our store in a few weeks.

    If you are in a hurry and need to connect to an omni board sooner, I can help walk you through how to wire it up. I have also updated the information on the wiki for Brain Jr. There is now an "advanced" section for each header that shows how the rows and columns are  working. 
  • Yes please, I already have the omni boards and I wish to connect them to the brain jr. Connecting the pots is clear to me. I don't get the buttons & leds. (& encoders)

    Thnx in advance

  • How many LED's, buttons, and encoders are you trying to connect. Or better yet, what configuration of omni boards and how many?

  • I want to connect 3 rows of buttons (with leds beneath) and 2 encoders. So on the omni bord, buttons and leds on 1 to 12 and encoders on 13 & 16.

  • Do you have the pin headers already soldered onto your omni board? If yes, this will be easier with some female to male jumper wires.

    How do you want the buttons to be ordered, right-left or up-down?

    This is a tricky wiring because it is different that any configurations on the wiki, but if we blend two configurations together and adapt them for the Brain Jr., I do believe we can make this work!

  • Thanks for your comments Mark. I am already a bit further now. I have the buttons working. For the two encoders I soldered direct wires to the pins of the encoders this also works (of course).

  • Ok great!

  • Has this topic been updated?

  • We're releasing Omni board shields next week. One of them is the Omni shield.

  • So then i could make a connection with jumper cables? Please explain, im really just a beginner....

  • Yes exactly. The shield plugs into the Brain Jr with pin headers, and allows you to connect an omni with a ribbon cable.

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