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Omni RGB board configure

Hi I am building a controller and recently purchased a lot of your parts. I bought the Brainv2 from your supplier in UK and all parts from your online store.

I have a few questions. 

1. I bought 7 Omni RGB's amongst other parts. After watching the video titled "Livid Omni RGB 8*8 Grid" on your website and reading the following "While we are on the subject of Brain v2, one of our users Stephen Noreyko who did some similar LED grouping videos, also made a very nice 8×8 RGB grid using our Omni RGB boards and a Brain V2. He didn’t even need to wire or solder anything, totally plug and play!"  also on your website, I was very surprised when they came without the headers fitted. Can you explain this?

2. I have soldered three headers on and connected 1 board with 16 buttons to the BrainV2. I have tested the circuits and they are fine. I have the Omni RGB button header connected to button header 000-015 and the 2 LED matrices connected to LED header L1 on the brainV2, while the buttons all show up on brain tools 0-15 when pressed, the LEDS don't come on in sync with the button pressed. All I want is the button to light up and stay on when I press it and turn off when I press it again. Maybe I have missed something but this is not plug and play.Can you tell me how to configure them in a clear and concise way using Brain V2 configuration software. 

3. I will be using 4 omni boards in the same configuration as the user in the above mention video, 8*8 config. But I want to just use 4 LED headers on the Brainv2, this is because I will need the rest for other LED's for other buttons in my design. Can I use the Omni RGB's like the other none RGB omni's and just use a Header for the buttons and 1 header for the LED's per board as shown on the wiki in the 16 button config? it doesn't matter if its monochrome. This would leave me with 4 remaining headers for the rest of my LED's.

While there are a lot of info on your omni's there are very little on your Omni RGB. I am sorry if I seem like a noob but I am new to your hardware.  I am confused by the new Brain v2 configure. If you just explain to me how to configure 1 omni RGB with 16 buttons to light up and stay on when pressed once and go of when pressed again I am sure I can figure the rest.

Please can you help.

Kevin Nolan


  • I can share a configuration file for you that will set up a 8X8 rgb omni grid. 

    You will not be able to do monochrome by reducing to one LED header because the top 8 rgb's are on one header and the bottom 8 are on the other. If you only use one cable you knock out half the board's LED's.

    How many other LED's are you trying to use for your project?
  • This means I bought 7 omni RGB's that are completely useless to me. I thought I could have 16 LED's with one 10 pin header connected to one LED Header using the omni RGB. 

    So it is the ordinary omni board that can light 16 LEDS on one ten pin header? Am I correct in this?
    This is what it says on your wiki.

    I have soldered the 3 headers on one Omni RGB will you take back the other six that are still in their package and give me 7 ordinary omni boards, 80 x High Efficiency Red LED and 80 x Single Diode. I will pay packaging of course.

    Over all there are 102 LED's on my controller

     Here is a link to a drawing of my controller. All the square buttons are LED's

    Please can you reply ASAP
    Kevin Nolan

  • Technically you can light 24 LED's on a 10 pin header. We use a 4X6 matrix. The omni RGB's are lighting 24 LED's on each pin header 8 RGB's X 3 LED's per RGB = 24 LED's.

    The regular omni boards light 16 LED's on one pin header.

    I will have to ask the boss man, when he gets back from MusikMesse, what kind of exchange we can do.

    Do you mind filling out a help desk ticket or continuing your last ticket to discuss this?

  • I filled one out Mark the number is #678492, Basically I would like to exchange 6 omni RGB's as I have soldered 3 headers on one out off the seven I received. The six are in the packing still unopened, I just tested one board and noticed the problem.

     I would also like to buy 9*30mm faders,  80 x High Efficiency Red LED and 80 x Single Diodes. I will pay packaging of course. My problem here is time, I need them yesterday. I know it is my fault but I thought I would be able to use them monocrome with one 10 pin header. Please can you follow this up, This is my degree project.

  • We definitely understand the seriousness! Rachel and I are on it. 

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