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Ohm 64 RGB and MagicQ

edited April 2013 in Hardware

I'm a lightdesigner and im going into VJ. 

I'm looking for a pad/console that is cheaper than a real lighting console and it seems that the Ohm 64 RGB pad suits my needs perfectly! 

But before I buy i need to know if it would be perfectly compatible with the programm i use, so called "MagicQ" from Chamsys.

Chamsys sells an interfce made for Midi (, would it make the pad and the programm completly compatible?

Thanks for the answer!


  • Seems like it would work, bit it might without it too. It seems like it is just a MIDI to USB interface, the RGB is a USB and MIDI controller, so you might not need that at all?

  • Thanks for your answer! :D
    Might be but I was wondering if that interface was like a "dictonary"  to make the programm talk to the midi pad both ways wth all the parameters activated. Not just using the midi pad a remote, but a fully usable console.

    But I'll try asking them on their forum too to see what comes out!


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