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CNTRL:R Ableton remote script

edited March 2013 in Hardware

Hey All,

Just got my CNTRL:R and using it with ableton 8.2.2. I downloaded the ableton remote script but its not working properly with Ableton. I can map controls easily but thats it. How can i make the led's flash with the song.




  • Have you read through the functions?

    What is it not doing that it's supposed to? 
  • Hey all,

    I Just bought my CNTRL:R and using it with ableton 8.4.1. I downloaded the ableton remote script and went into preferences, the cntrlr is coming up in inport and outport but i cant find the CNTRL in the control surfaces menu?? 

    the little yellow box in the top right of the screen is flashing when i play the buttons but for reason its just not showing up in control surfaces...ive tried deleting and reinstaling the script several times but still no joy. Really confused now as to why i cant find it.? 
    Any help would be hugely appreciated.
  • does the remote script show up in the right place with the rest of the remote scripts?

    Macintosh – Right click on the Live application icon and select "show package contents". Put the CNTRLR folder in Contents/App-Resources/MIDI Remote ScriptsWindows - put the CNTRLR folder in C:\Program Files\Ableton\Live 8.x.x\Resources\MIDI Remote Scripts
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