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DIY w Brain JR, button/potentiometer spec question

edited March 2013 in Hardware


I am awaiting the arrival of my Brain JR to start my first diy controller project, and am wondering what the Livid recommended or most user implemented button, rotary encoder, fader, and rotary knob specs are (i.e. mounting style, proper resistance or range, shaft type etc.).  I definitely will employ rotary potentiometers, encoders, and am thinking of soft momentary push buttons rather than arcade buttons.  I am prepping my parts list and schematic, so I want to ensure when I get my components, I can easily and appropriately mount them to my project faceplate along with using components that work within whatever power/type/termination style guidelines there may be.  Anyone's recommendations or specific component preferences are much appreciated!


  • Are you using panel mount parts or are you making a circuit board or breadboard?

  • Haven't decided yet which would be the best route on the whole for this specific project, but am thinking about using pcb for the push buttons (a 4x4) and encoders, and possibly panel mounting any slider and knobs.  I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to electronics project planning, so am really trying to see which way may be best.  It's a smaller controller, so I may buy parts for either panel mount and pcb setups, and reuse whatever I don't for this, in my next project.

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