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Mayheu labs Led Ring and Brain V2

edited March 2013 in Hardware


I need some help here with a specific problem, as I'm a total begginer in electronics.

I have this led rings:
I've seen how to control this from Arduino but I need to control them with Brain V2.
Here you can check the ring's schematics:

Is it possible to use LED outputs from Brain V2 for this?

Thanks for your help!


  • The Brain v2 does not support this device as it requires serial and clock data. Really that device is way more complicated than you need. You can just wire up a group of 3, 6, 12, or 24 LED's to brain v2, then use the editor to group them and set them up to provide feedback from an encoder, knob, or fader. I actually shot a tutorial video on this over the weekend, and it should be up on our YouTube channel very soon!

  • that's sad because I already bought them... my bad.
    ok, I will build my own led rings then!

    Thanks Mark!

  • Brain V2 is so much simpler, just add cheap leds, no need for all those extra components!

  • Yeah, I understand now. I will use them in an Arduino project I guess. They are made to use with that kind of board...


  • hi, are You planing to make Livid elements modul with  Rotary Encoder LED Rings in a feature ?

    best from Croatia

  • currently no.

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