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Brain jr jumpy buttons

edited March 2013 in Hardware

Hi guys,

I recieved my Brain Jr today and during the first tests i noticed that when a button is pressed, the brain sends out a lot of on/offs at once.
I tried out some different types of buttons but the results were allways quite bad... 
On the Teensy board i use this library  to solve this problem.
Maybe you could include this technique in a coming firmware update..? :)
Greetings from Germany


  • Are you watching which butons are triggering? Are all the on/offs the same button you are pressing or is it triggering multiples?

  • What kind of buttons are you using? Do you have the analog pins grounded with jumpers?

  • Hiya,

    all the analog ins are worrys :)  i`m using quite cheap buttons which tend to "chatter" a little. on microprocessors like the teensy or the arduino you can increase the debounce time/ delay on the digital read to deal with this. the debounce time on the brain jr is waay too short, i guess like 5ms. i´ve done a couple of diy projects and depending on the quallity of my pushbuttons, i allways had to use like 30- 50 ms to get acceptable results. 
    Ive tried 6 different buttons and none of them were even near to being usable..

  • cool. thanks for the effort.

    well ive been mostly using stuff like theese in my diy projects, essentially all the stuff you get for a dollar at your local electronics store..
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