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alias 8 connectivity issue

edited March 2013 in Hardware


i plug in the alias 8 via usb into my mac (os x 10.6.8)

"01" flashes for a few seconds, top left button also flashes -- then everything goes out. can't find the device in audio/midi setup, ableton's midi preferences, midi monitor, or the online editor.  i didn't want to jump into updating the firmware as it seems a bit complicated. 

are any similar issues out there, or is my unit simply not functioning?

appreciate any support. thanks a bunch.



  • Does the character display stay on?

  • I had the same problem when I plugged it into my midi hub. The red button would flash and then turn off. It worked when I directly connected it to my laptop.

    So,it seems like your USB port does not give the Alias 8 enough power.
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