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CNTRL:R Led Buttons

edited February 2013 in Hardware

Hey guys,

I have a little problem with the led lights in my CNTRL:R.
I know how to set the color of the led, But each time i press it while i play live with Ableton, the color changes to another color and i keep losing track with the colors since every one of them represent something for me.
Is there anyway to choose a color and stay with even after i press it?

Thanks in advance.


  • Still cant make it work...the colors keeps changing and going back to no color after i press them on ableton...

    any other suggestions ?
  • Ok maybe I misunderstood? Are you using a script? What exactly are you looking to do?

  • edited February 2013


    I think I know the solution: The color is connected to the note velocity. 
    For example velocity "127" is connected to the color green by default and velocity "0" is connected with led = OFF / no color. 
    So if you can not change the velocity (in Ableton Live) - you can still change with the Livid-editor the color that is connected to the velocity "127" and "0".
    But I guess if you don't use the script you are limited to this two colors: one color for ON and one color for OFF.

  • That's what I was getting at yeat. I think though FF may be setting specific colors for different reasons.

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