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Brain V1 External Power

edited February 2013 in Hardware

The apple Macbook i use for ableton has two USB inputs. I use n°1 for my soundcard, n°2 for livid elements.
I want to had a novation launchpad to my setup. (I got to keep my elements, i don't like the launchpad's faders).
I could buy a usb hub.
But, what if i use the brain midi out? I would save one on my computer's usb input.
The brain needs power though.
The board has an empty  slot called J1, which looks like  9v power connector. I assume positive centered. What if a populate that slot, would it work without the usb? What power should i apply?

Does anyone know?


  • Does your elements system not have J1 populated?

  • The brain version i have is an old version. It doesn't.
    But it's second hand, are you saying it could have been removed?

  • It should be obvious if the J1 power connector was removed - there'd be some sign of solder in the holes or on the pads I'd guess.

    However, I believe the BrainV1 firmware still needs to have a USB host (i.e. the computer) in order to function properly, so USB is probably still a necessity.

    Might wanna look at a powered USB hub as a solution.
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