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Web-based Controller Editors - feedback please

edited February 2013 in Hardware

If you have an Ohm64, block, OhmRGB, CNTRL:R, Alias8, or CodeV2, you can try the web-based editor here;

You'll need a browser plug-in from you'll be prompted for it if you don't have it installed.
Once the plugin is installed, you can connect your controller, open the above link, then select the MIDI port for your controller from the top left menu. 
The web app will detect your controller, get all the settings, and load the interface. 
Let us know how it works out for you!


  • Ohm64 now added!

  • First impression: plug and play @ CNTRLR / MACOSX 10.7.5.  / Safari

  • Block now added!

  • @bdhm - did it work out? what's the impression? 

  • yes it looks very good. I will try more ... and will tell you.

  • MacOS 10.8.2 + Safari

    Testing with Code just now. I selected the port from the little yellow window and then nothing...

    After hitting a button on the Code, then I got the "fetching settings from controller" screen and then no more. Second time, after setting the port, it did nothing. Third time after reloading and setting the port it worked and loaded settings.

    Button Local Control (tog) does not light up LEDs on the Code. (mom) is OK tho.

    Buttons window at the top overlaps the LEDs window... and the full code layout is cropped on the right


    FWIW - the port select in the web editor says only "Controls" for the Code. In the Editor app, it says "Code Controls"

    FIRMWARE: 0 2 0 7
    InternalVersion: 2.090000

  • dead link?

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