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Editind OhmRgb LED colours

edited January 2013 in Hardware

sorry, this is probably a total noob question, but

im using the ohmmodes in ableton, and i have a lot of the buttons remapped, but after remapping them they're all just green, how would i go about changing each buttons colour so, say, the button that toggles my filter is blue when its on?


  • edited January 2013

    There's not an easy way to do that, unfortunately.  Since you've remapped the buttons via Ableton, they are under Live's control, and there is no provision in Live for changing the output value for its remote assignments.  There's also no way for us to affect this from our Remote Script (since Live has control of them at that point), and the hardware itself does not have a LED color map for each individual button (this just requires too much memory).

    The best scenario is for you to create a layer between Live and your Ohm with Max or some other utility so that you can remap the output values that Live is sending (always 127, I think) to the appropriate color of your choice.

  • right, i know how to do that.. but that is a large job.. cheers

  • Hop recycling a tread...

    question about leds in the usermappable modmodes using the ableton live remote script :

    i have a 8x8 sequencer mapped to 3 of the bank lets say my 4th grid line is lit in bank 1 when i switch to bank 3 the line is still lit ... i understand that its cause nothing is map to that line in bank 3 but is there an easy way to avoid that ?
  • You could add some lines to the script to specifically send messages to all the remapped buttons and turn them fact, I thought the script already did this.  Trouble is, you might get some other undesirables from this.  I'll have a look at this....unfortunately this whole channel-remapping thing is kind of messy.  It's useful to a certain extent, but not terribly managable from our end, since the script isn't really in control of what's going on when the control has been remapped.

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