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Alias 8 Shift / Modifier / Channel / Pages button mapping

edited January 2013 in Software Discussion

Ok, I'm trying to implement something for my Alias 8 with Ableton.

What I want to be able to achieve is on one midi channel page, i.e one full set of controls, I want to use the bottom 4 / 8 / 16 buttons to create a new page of controls for the knobs and faders... 

An example of use would be:

- to map all the knobs and faders on the Alias 8 to Oscillator 1 of Operator. 
- Press one of the buttons on the bottom to change all the controls to a new midi message for Osc 2...
- another button and new midi controls for Osc 3... etc etc

The feature has numerous different names in software, e.g modifiers in Traktor, shift buttons, pages etc... But not quite sure how to go about it in ableton with the alias 8.

I know people are going to say ' just change the channel using the knob as standard ' but thats not what i want to do :D I want to save these for other synth / setups.

I have Osculator if that helps? :)


  • Well, you'd basically either need to do it with a Live Remote Script or create a MaxMSP patch.  There are certainly other solutions as well, but those are the two ways I'm most familiar and adept with.

    Have you tried the Alias8 Remote Script we made?  You might be able to modify it.  Some programming knowledge is going to be necessary,'s not a light-hearted adventure unless you already know what you're doing.  


  • I've no code/programming experience sorry. I've just got live 9 beta with max6... That might be an option but I wouldn't know where to start with that either :)

  • If you have Max6 that's probably the best place to start, but you will have to get your hands dirty.  The included help tutorials are where I started, along with healthy perusal of the Cycling forums and examinations of other user's published projects.  It's good to find a patch that does something similar to what you're looking for and try taking it apart to understand what happens under the hood.  "Reverse Engineering"!

    None of our published scripts are currently Live 9 compatible, FWIW....that probably won't happen until after Live9 is in its final form.

    You can use MIDI Learn in Ableton to hard-assign Alias controls to a set of Live parameters, then change the Alias's MIDI channel with it's encoder and hard-assign a new set of parameters.  This is probably your best bet without any sort of software intermediary.


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