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edited January 2013 in Hardware

i'm new for OHM, 

i have some basic questions on setting up for VDMX control
i just want to use all the buttons on OHM just as simple on-off switches
but my OHM notes seem grouping by 4x4(?), on VDMX, 1/4 notes only detectable... 
i tried factory resets, and quick assignment numbers, but it doesn't change 
pls, tell me some tips, on this OHM-VDMX problems... 



  • hm. So you have buttons sending the same notes?

  • 1/4 notes mean... 

    on the 64 note buttons, as 1st row, 
    1st button is detected, 
    2nd & 3rd buttons cannot detected, 
    4th & 5th buttons are detected, 
    6th & 7th cannot detected, 
    8th button is detected... all other rows are same... 

    on Midi Monitor App, there are no signals out... for un-detectable buttons... 

    it's like 4x4 Grid, all buttons from 2,3,5,6 columns are not detected on VDMX. 
    it looks locked preset...?
    *** is it normal the OHM shows just name "Controllers" on VDMX Preference? 

  • see if this helps

  • Like the Tutorial Clip, 

    After Factory Reset & Quick Asign, 

    with mouse clicking on buttons, the boolean window messages on Editor look normal, all values are correct. 
    but pushing buttons, they don't work at all, like dead, no data come out from the buttons 
    I feel something wrong w/ hardware... 
  • did you set them all to "note" instead of "controller" in the quick assign step at the beginning?

  • the both ways result same for buttons 

    the buttons send no signal just like they are unplugged
    on the picture linked below, the buttons w/ red mark are not working... 

  • try this piece of software to check for midi signal coming out of your controller. It's called midi monitor.

    After this you will know for shure.  
  • Yes, on midi monitor, the buttons respond nothing when i push them... 

    Should I ask an harware A/S? 

  • not until you try with another cable first, or different usb slot, but after that, i think you should.

  • It sounds like a hardware issue.  If you're comfortable removing the backplate, you might try reseating the main processor board, as it could have become dislodged during shipping somehow.  Where did you get it?


  • Here is Seoul, Korea

    I bought directly from Livid Site by International Shipping, 
    Should I email to Livid Support Contact? 
  • You should, you can create a new support ticket here:

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