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OHMrgb / Random note "bombing" / Firmware Failure

edited January 2013 in Hardware

So i tried joining another conversation about my problem, but never really got any respons. Hope this will do the trick..

Got myself the OHMrgb, and it's been a great replacement for my Apc40. But about 2 months ago it started acting up, sending notes randomly at high speed to Ableton and Traktor. I did what I always do - web'ed myself through a lot of tutorials, firmware updates and forums to make it work proberly again. I did the trick with buttons on that back (all down). I tried updating the firmware with terminal, but from the very beginning of that scenario it's not doing what it's suppose to. I'm not sure, but according to the guides I've found, my rgb should light TWO buttons when started into bootloader mode - Mine just starts blinking the Logo Button in various colours. I did the "update" anyway, or at least i tried. Took me a couple of times writing the stuff in terminal, and one time I got a longer message, but it still only took a nano sec, and my OHM is still "random". What's my issue? Can anybody tell me what i'm doing wrong?



  • Did you unplug it or do anything else when you were doing the firmware upgrade? If so it will make it inoperable and we'll have to open it up and reprogram it. 

  • Don't think so. Nothing's really changed. When I plug it in it works for some 15-20 minutes, and starts acting up. I was pretty careful with the update, but i'm not shure if there could be other mistakes for my part. I've tried it in both Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard - The firmware update that is, but most of the time I can't get terminal to find the specific files. Buttom line is the OHM does the exact same thing now, as it did before my failed update attempts.   

  • Go to the main page of our website and fill out a support ticket. We'll need to do some more advanced troubleshooting.

  • Thanks, I'll do that.

  • Any followup?

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