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brain v2 and miditzer

edited January 2013 in Hardware

I want to use the brain to control leds via midi message sent from miditzer vto output. the led will reflect the stop status on the theatre organ console in the absence of stop action. when a stop is pressed either on the console, mouse click or piston etc then the corresponding stop led will light.

the brain seems to be the only hardware that can handle all 191 leds in one unit

my question is about the wiring, is it direct wired to each led or diode matrix wired ( I am fitting leds now and the correct wiring in place would make it easier) I don't need the leds to be super bright just lit enough to monitor the stop status

 also would I need any extras?


  • Hey markey111,

    In order to control all 191 LEDs you will have to wire it in a matrix. Each of the 8 LED headers on the brain has 10 pins divided into 4 columns and 6 rows (24 LEDS). There are also through hole connections on the brain where you can directly access all 16 columns and 12 rows (192 LEDS).

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have anymore questions.

  • ah right so only 8 of the 24  headers are for LEDs does it come with wiring diagrams etc. for LED implementation? and I guess it would need  a power supply other than usb

  • first option sounds easier having only basic electronics skills so each header to have a 4x6 diode matrix first corresponding stop LEDs 0-23, second 24-47 etc

  • what is the output of the brain and I'm a bit confused how to wire a diode and a resistor onto the same pin

  • If you are using the brain v2 then you do not need to worry about resistors. Since an led is a diode then all you need is a matrix of led's with pin 1-4 connected to columns and pins 5-10 connected to rows. Anodes or + are on columns and cathode or - are on rows. Just do a 4 column x 6 row of LEDs for each header. You can just use ribbon cables with a cut end that gets stripped and wired to your matrix.

  • excellent it just gets better

    would be interesting to know what else it can do in the miditzer vto set up, I have a board for 168 of the 192 stops so need a further 24 stops and also  28 pistons as well as 8 toe studs. the 3 keyboards  ( actually a midi keyboard and a Yamaha hx3) are running thru a midisport and the pedals/swell on a separate encoder all enclosed in a Wurlitzer (type) console built from scratch. It was previously running from touch screen and 16 pistons( on the hx3)

  • just one last question before I start wiring  rows and columns, may sound simple lol but which are wired which way. I know one side is linked  and the other spaced ie 6 switches/leds linked together onto one pin(COLUMN?) and then every 6th switch/led linked together (ROWS?)

    So it would be (columns) 1,2,3,4,5,6 chained together to pin 1.   ,7,8,9,10,11,12 to pin 2 etc.

    (rows) to pin 5.  2,8,14,20 to pin 6 etc.

    sorry for the dumb question lol but need to be clear in my mind as there is a lot of wiring that needs to be right

  • For each LED header:

    You will have a 4 column X 6 row matrix. Link the positive (longer) ends of the 4 columns. Then link the negative ends of the 6 rows.

    Now you should have 4 columns linked and 6 rows linked.

    Take the 4 column wires and connect them in order to the first 4 wires on a ribbon cable.
    Then take the 6 row wires and connect them in order to the next 6 wires on the same ribbon cable.

    Plug the other end of the ribbon cable into the LED header on the Brain v2.

    Repeat for the rest of the LED headers.

    Let me know if you have any more questions!

  • ok so no spacing 4 columns each with 6 LEDs linked ( 1-6 ,7-12 etc.) and 6 rows each with 4 LEDs linked( 1-4 5-8 etc.)

    Its just that the instructions I got for the stop switch matrix was to link the first 12 (1-12, 13-24 etc.) on one side to one pin then every 12th on the other side to the other pin(1-13-25, 2-14-26 etc.) so I'm guessing that's a different type of matrix lol

  • Yes the matrix are different shapes! Let me know if I can help anymore, or post photos when you finish!

  • do the inputs on the brain v2 handle midi  PC messages as well as CC?

    I will be using the brain to drive LEDs and wondering if I can use the input for pistons on the miditzer vto

  • No program change, just CC note, velocity, and sysex

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