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Brain V2 Configure


  • Well the Brain v2 has so many different configurations it's hard to cover in an individual video. But if you have a specific question we'd be glad to help!
  • Hi, I done the standard 4 button 4 fader 4 pot omni set up, everything is working fine tried it all with abelton just cant figure out how to get the leds to turn on with the buttons? 

    I've got into the configuration turned all leds on and they all light up, just cant seem to figure it out how to link them with the buttons. I got the buttons as toggles in note type. Aswell as having Omni on and Button local control.

    Thanks :)
  • oh. you just need to make sure your preferences are setup properly. Your ins and outs need to be properly configured like so

  • Thanks I got it working now with messing about with the config software. Only thing is the LED's are just not bright at all with the buttons on you can hardly tell that they are on. In the dark you can see them but not as much as I think it should be. Everything else so so far works fine all the leds work with buttons and the led test they all light up but still not that bright.

    Thanks for you help!
  • Which LEDs are you using? Did you order them from us?

  • Yeah the red leds from your site Tried it with about 16 leds all the same

  • Can you take a picture with them on? In general it's going to be hard to see anything in sunlight however.

  • edited February 2013

    Sent you a private  message!

  • Jay, for what it's worth, I had a similar issue with the LEDs from my Builder kit. Four LEDs were very bright and the other 12 on my omni board were noticeably dimmer. I replaced the offending LED's with Kingbright LED's from Mouser and the replacements work fine. Perhaps there a bad batch mixed in with your stock?

  • Thanks Steve ill have a look at them, I was looking Into getting differnt LEDs. I've looked at the spec of the ones from livid. I wonder if you can get a higher forward voltage. And what are the brightest LEDs you can use with the brain2

  • Hmmm. So some of them were good and some weren't?

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