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  • modifying remote scripts

    Been experimenting with different syntax in the interim but no luck so far.  The following button assignment code I located (if this is even correct) is very different looking in terms of syntax from the (self.on_tempo_up_value.subject = self._encoder_button[9]) you provided above.

    The code I located for button assignments:

    self._button[index+4].set_on_value(ARM[self._rgb]) #set the arm color from the

    self._mixer.channel_strip(index).set_arm_button(self._button[index+4]) #assign the arm buttons to our mixer channel strips

    Also this code appears to be for all four arm buttons and attached to the mixer strips with this [index+4] manner of assignment.  Just to be clear, I have commented out the ARM code above freeing up 4 buttons, two of which (20 and 21) I would like to use for tempo.

    Argh help!

    ps: It would be great if you could include suggestions for lighting these two tempo buttons up.  Adding code to I imagine?  I can do without this if you're running short on time.

  • modifying remote scripts
    Hey Amounra,

    Thanks for the 411.  Still trying to wrap my mind around where to paste these bits.

    I assumed all this code belongs in

    I put the following in the import section:
    from _Framework.SubjectSlot import subject_slot, subject_slot_group

    I put the following:
       def on_tempo_up_value(self, value):
          if value:
       = min( + 1,

       def on_tempo_down_value(self, value):
            if value:
       = max( - 1,

    In this section:
    class Cntrlr(ControlSurface):

    As to the last part I was at a loss.  I would like to map the tempo +1 -1 buttons to two of the bottom 32 buttons, specifically the first two arm buttons (20 and 21).  In order to do this I first commented out the existing arm assigns in the following section:

    """here we assign the left side of our mixer's buttons on the lower 32 keys"""

    #self._button[index+4].set_on_value(ARM[self._rgb]) #set the arm color from the

    #self._mixer.channel_strip(index).set_arm_button(self._button[index+4]) #assign the arm buttons to our mixer channel strips

    Is this correct?  Is it also required that I comment out the deassign?

    I was not able to determine the syntax for the rest as it appears encoders are perhaps treated differently then buttons?  Can you indicate what code and precisely where to?  I get the feeling the assign and deassign code needs to be surgically placed without noob antics.

    Lastly I would also like to do the same thing for pitch +1 and -1.  Would the procedure be similar?  I realize pitch is attached to each clip and the controls would have to be context sensitive.

    Thanks for explaining Python to civilians.  I mightily appreciate it.

    Many thanks,

  • Editing the CNTRL:R script to allow banking of left/right knobs and faders

    As the CNTRL:R manual says, "NOTE: This User Banking function does not include the left and right side knobs and sliders on the CNTRL:R."
    It would be great if this were the case, though! It would really open the device up to mapping.
    I took a look at the Python sources for the scripts and in, line 880:
                self._client[index]._control_defs = {'dials':self._dial_matrix, 'buttons':self._dial_button_matrix, 'grid':self._matrix, 'keys':self._button, 'knobs':self._knobs}  #assign controls that raw data will be addressed at
    I would have thought the reference to self._knobs in that set should have mapped the left and right knobs based on how they are defined in lines 716-730, and that adding a reference to self._fader would do the trick for the faders, but it seems not. I feel like I'm missing something important here.
    Is it possible to modify the script to add CNTRLR_KNOBS_LEFT, CNTRLR_KNOBS_RIGHT, and CNTRLR_FADERS to the bank definitions? I could definitely use some assistance and guidance. Or even a patch. :)
    Thank you!