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  • Ideas For A New Guitar Wing & Guitar Wing Receiver

    Thanks for the input, thunderfingers!

    We've started work on a firmware and editor update, and we hope to get #1 in there and release it later this month.
    We will look into #2 for the future, but I am certain that this feature will not make it into this next release.

  • DS1 Editor Not Recalling Min/Max Control Settings Correctly
    I have several DS1 configurations 'saved to file' via the DS1 Editor Software. When I recall a different configuration, 'load from file', the preset recalls the previous configurations 'min/max' control settings, e.g. config #1: rotary setting min 1 / max 4, config #2: rotary setting min 0 / max 127, when config #2 is loaded the min/max setting remains min 1 / max 4. The only settings that recall correctly are the button 'Key Feedback' colours.

    DS1 Editor Software 1.14
    DS1 Editor Firmware 1.30
    MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)
    MacOS 10.11.6

  • problem with new Livid Base

    hiello Yes

    Ticket #293315

    thanx best emil
  • Replacement Crossfader for Ohm RGB Slim

    The two pins connecting the left side of my cross fader came off while I was working this past weekend.  I would like to buy a new replacement to solder back on, but the Livid store doesn't have an option for it anymore.  I submitted a support ticket and was told to buy:

    Please note that the Ohm devices used sliders with a custom shaft length 17.5mm, and this device is a little bit taller (20mm).

    I'm a little bit confused.  The slider says 100K on the bottom, but the link above is for a 10k.  I thought the replacement part would have been something like this:

    Can anyone help?
  • Livid Minim pre-order did not arrive

    Hi Moon - Thank you for the response...further to the LIVID email 10 days ago:

    "Hi John,

    I apologize that we did not ship your order.
    I'm sorry that we missed your refund request until your forum post.
    I'm transferring you to Rachel, who can get this sorted out for you.

    is there any update yet from "Rachel"?  Thank you, David.

    - - - 

    Good luck with it all Neale

    - - - 

    disclaimer:  It is quite possible that I missed an email or letter from LIVID and there may have been an earlier explanation about why the MINIM was not posted to me.

  • Livid Minim pre-order did not arrive

    As David was a Kickstarter backer #202, yet to receive my minim. Emailed via Kickstarter and heard nothing. Opened a support query and have heard nothing. Please inform me of the situation.

  • 2 Questions about USB

    Hi Moon,

    Thanks for the response. I'm so sorry. I made a typo in #2. I meant to write:

    "Is it possible to use a Brain JR to control a synth with USB MIDI input. Both jacks are USB type B."

    My concern is that they won't be able to connect because you typically only see things connected A to B. So I thought maybe it only works with a computer and not synth hardware.

    Sorry for the confusion.
  • One button pressed but 4 notes played?

    OH never mind, I had it backwards. On the advanced digital Input File:AdvancedButtonHeader.jpg the positive side  #2 can be a common ground for buttons 1-8 on the neg side! 

    Grey wires on neg side are my buttons(4-, 6-, 8-,10-,12-,14-,16-), red wire on 4+ is my ground.

    Thanks for your help Moon!!! 

  • BASE II FSR pad sensitivity issue.
    1. When I tried the script the last time the sequencer of the drum machine still did not work (maybe due to the arbitrary changing of Bitwigs API form "DrumMachine" to "Drmmachine"?). This is what happens when you select the sequencer in drum mode:
    One cannot select a quantization value or switch triplet mode on/off, also there is no playhead marker visible.
    However, the instruments step sequencer is fine.

    2. Somehow the touch button#2 in mode#2 is back to device enable instead of automation write. The last time this was fixed by you it was also set to global automation instead of clipautomation. For the whole work flow it would make more sense to use that button for clip automation like the overdub button. I changed this now myself in the script by following the description of changes published in the previous github version. This works but for some reasons the LED does not get switched on which is weird because the code follows exactly the same syntax as the overdub in which the LED works as expected:

    this._overdub = new ToggledParameter('overdub_listener', {javaObj:transport, action:'toggleLauncherOverdub', monitor:'addLauncherOverdubObserver', onValue:colors.RED});

    this._autowrite = new ToggledParameter('autowrite_listener', {javaObj:transport, action:'toggleWriteArrangerAutomation', monitor:'addAutomationWriteModeObserver', onValue:colors.RED});

    this._clipautowrite = new ToggledParameter('clipautowrite_listener', {javaObj:transport, action:'toggleWriteClipLauncherAutomation', monitor:'addAutomationWriteModeObserver', onValue:colors.RED});
    That is more or less it. Although of course there is still the feature request for support of polyphonic aftertouch. Since this is a pretty cool feature it would be a pity not to make use of is especially since the Base cannot send "normal" aftertouch meaning there is no aftertouch at all currently which is pretty weak nowadays…
  • CNTRLR & Drum Steppr Noob Question

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for helping me out on this. I'm using the Livid_CNTRLR script. Is the Aumhaa script better?

    As I say, I'm jamming away nicely with the 16 pads C1 to D#2 but as soon as I add any above or below, I get problems.

  • CNTRLR & Drum Steppr Noob Question

    I've had a Cntrl:r for a while now for DJing and it has bee great but I want to move more into live stuff triggering drums.  I've added the Drum Steppr but having a few problems with it.

    When I add Drum Steppr to a midi channel, I add a drum rack after.  I can add simpler instruments with drum sounds I've prepared into pads 36 (C1) to 51 (D#2) as per the manual. Everything works fine. If I then fill other pads with simpler instruments, and move down or up to those pads, the mapping from simpler to Drum Steppr stops working. For example, the VE Velocity in Drum Steppr is moving ibut nothing is happening to the sound and checking the Simpler instrument shows the corresponding attach dial isn't moving.

    Am I missing something really obvious here or am I only able to use pads 36 (C1) to 51 (D#2) and therefore only be able to use 16 sounds per Drum Steppr?
  • DS1 Help
    @LoganEdwards:  I suspect you are doing something fundamentally wrong, or perhaps you are using an outdated version of Live?  If you can send me your log.txt I can probably make heads or tails of it, here's some info on where to find it:

    @PremEyE:  I can confirm #2, and I think it's the same issue as #1 at it's root.  I'm not sure if it's the script causing this or a firmware problem, but I'll get it sorted and get back to you.  Thanks for reporting :)


  • Help with Base button mode.

    Hi, I just purchased a Base controller to use with my lighting software. I'm new to this midi stuff, and i'm still learning the editor. I'm having an issue making the buttons do what I want them to.

    I need the pads to be in toggle mode (stay on when i push them) but I need to only be able to have one on at a time. Example being if I press pad #1, it should send midi note on and no nothing when released(I want the led to stay on though, so I know its activated) Then If I press pad #2, it should do the same, but turn pad #1 off.

    Can someone help me achieve this?
  • Modifying amounra Ohm control script for custom controller

    Hi all, I have build a custom controller with the brain2 and i m modifying amounra`s script.  I m no programmer.

    My system is: osx 10.9.2, Brain2, Live 9.1.2
    Until now i m able to communicate with the script, i have re size de "highlight clip trigger"  box AKA "redbox" to fit my controller (16x4), i can move it around. But i can't seem to understand how to assign the midi notes to the grid.  My controller has a matrix of 16x4 but i want a grid of 15x3 to have scene lunch and select track.
    Here is the button matrix part of the script: 

    session = SessionComponent(15, 3) = 'Session_Control'

    session.set_track_bank_buttons(right_button, left_button)

    session.set_scene_bank_buttons(down_button, up_button)

    matrix = ButtonMatrixElement() = 'Button_Matrix'

    scene_launch_notes = [31,47,63]

    scene_launch_buttons = [ ButtonElement(is_momentary, MIDI_NOTE_TYPE, 0, scene_launch_notes[index]) for index in range(3) ]

    #track_stop_buttons = [ ButtonElement(is_momentary, MIDI_NOTE_TYPE, index, 52) for index in range(8) ]

    for index in range(len(scene_launch_buttons)):

    scene_launch_buttons[index].name = 'Scene_'+ str(index) + '_Launch_Button'

    #for index in range(len(track_stop_buttons)):

    # track_stop_buttons[index].name = 'Track_' + str(index) + '_Stop_Button'

    #stop_all_button = ButtonElement(is_momentary, MIDI_NOTE_TYPE, 0, 81) = 'Stop_All_Clips_Button'




    #button_notes = [15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61,62,63]

    for scene_index in range(3):

    scene = session.scene(scene_index) = 'Scene_' + str(scene_index)

    button_row = []



    for track_index in range(8):

    button = ButtonElement(is_momentary, MIDI_NOTE_TYPE, CHANNEL, (track_index * 3) + scene_index) = str(track_index) + '_Clip_' + str(scene_index) + '_Button'

    Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance !

  • Light sensors with Brain Jr...

    Been a slight change of plan, looks like I could be doing some capacitive sensing stuff with Arduino with the Livid using more traditional control surfaces, although a friend did mention to me about the Sharp GP2D12 and then using that with a 5v power supply, although I'm slightly apprehensive about adding a power supply to the board but the idea of being able to control filter/amplitude in such a way is appealing.

    Is this something that is ok if wired correctly with any additional components added?

    He sent me this diagram.  image
  • CellDNA quits repeatedly on Launch

    Received this advice from Cell DNA developer at Livid Peter Nyboer a few years ago:
All the data from your session is saved to a user's preference folder.

     On Mac, it's
: <harddrive>:/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Livid/CellDNA/Defaults/

    Try deleting this folder : 
<harddrive>/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Livid/CellDNA/


    Delete CellDNA folder to Trash & re-start Cell DNA

    Give that a go as a temporary fix.

     btw - 1024 X 768 photojepg files might be bit too large. Maybe try 640 x 480.
    Good luck!

  • Bitwig and Code

    Hey guys,

    I found on github a script for a controll surface.
    The script crashed my bitwig several times.
    I asked someone what might be wrong with the script and he found an error.
    I wanted to let you know so you can change it =)


    I put it in my user directory and it shows up (after a BWS restart, the user directory isn't scanned automatically) and I can select it in a track, it shows up as "Code" and "CodeUser1". 
    But since I don't have the controller, I can't do much more with it... 
    No problem with freezing on close either. :shrug: 

    In the console, I see an error: "Reference Error: "encs_buttons" is not defined. (Code.control.js#250).

    I think you should contact the author/manufacturer. ;-)

    The readme is not helpful either. Since there are livid scripts in the factory folder already, it's not clear to me if these scripts should replace them or how they are supposed to be installed/used. They point to their website but there is no entry for Bitwig/Code...



  • CNTRL:R Scene Launch

    Hello amounra, can you explain to me step by step how you do this to access the script and change it? I'm having a hard time trying to find it and it would be very useful to me. Thanks

    But #2 is pretty simple, if you can do without the track selects. You just need to replace track select assignment:

    with one for the scenelaunch buttons:

  • My LED matrix seems very unreliable, help me understand what's going on...


    I'm using a Brain v.1 connected to a windows xp sp3 
    I created a LED matrix of 4 colums x 8 rows (even if the 1st col has only 4 rows connected).

    I assigned a mix of notes value and CCs in the Led Matrix map of Brain configure  (i.e. some leds responds to note ON and others to CC).

    If I send test note (or CC) from the Brain Configure, the Led Matrix always behaves ok (i.e. the intended LED lights on).
    When I finished the configuration I always click the "Save to Brain" button.

    The problem:
    Very often, when I restart the computer, it look like the matrix is "misunderstud" by the Brain: the LEDs of the column n. 2 respond to "notes" of col. n. 1, those of col 3 respond to notes of col #2, those of col. 4 respond to col 3, and the ones on the col #1 are turned on by notes of col. 4.

    It looks like all the matrix has shifted down... I don't now how to explain... now what was the column 2 is the 1, and so on.

    It looks like taht  at the initialisation time, the Brain started "numbering" the columns from the second column (so that it became the number one).

    This happens very often but randomly: sometimes when I restart the computer the matrix is ok, more often it shows that problem.

    I reconfigured the Brain a lot of time, but without solving the problem.

    Now, I understand that my explanation isn't thatt's great, and my english is a mess... but if you can help me I'm more than willing to perform any test you should need, and to send you any other piece of information to try to understand and solve the problem.

    many many thanks in advance!


    p.s. The Analog Map (32 analog-in are active) and the buttons matrix (4 columns x 8 rows) work fine.

    UPDATE: I just reconfigured the LED mapping using a different computer (running Vista) then I connected the Brain to the former one (the computer running XP and running my musicla software) but the problem is the same: this time the 3rd column become the 1st. :-(

    You can find the color map here. What are you using it with?