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Base 2 Live SCript


im  using the latest scripts from github on the latest ableton version
im mostly using the step sequencer page
is it possible to lock the step sequencer page on the drum rack channel?
when im switching to another channel the sequencer goes with me to the new channel and that dosent make any sense
cause i want to keep playing drums on the base while tweaking the synth or any other parameter in a different channel.
i want the base to allways be drum sequencer.
any way of doing that?
thank you


  • Howdy, 

    It's theoretically possible to modify the script to do's a bit of work.  The sequencer is more or less taken from the Push scripts, and that's the way they behave, so I'd have to dig into them and find a way to make it happen.  Hit me up via private message if you think you might want to commission the work, it probably would not take me very long if that's the only changes you need.  I could make the script look for a track with a particular name and lock to that track, or maybe implement a lock button or something....

    I've been doing some updates over the last couple of days due to some bugs I found whilst making a custom script for another user, problems are mostly in the step sequencer on the CNTRLR (so I expect they're present on BASE, also).  The playhead keeps disappearing and a few other issues.  If you're into it, this would be a good time to do this since it's fresh on my mind at the moment.


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