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MIDI Feedback on the Touchfaders & Display of the Base II

Hi, I'm having a few issues with my Base II. I'm not able to control the Dual Character Display and the Touchfaders via MIDI. I've come to a point where I'm considering, this might not be possible at all, since in the Editor there is no field for the Touchfaders LEDs in the Inspector, and no Inspector for the Display at all. However, the manual says this:

"The Dual Character Display is a 2-digit 7-segment display. The Dual Character Display is directly linked to the operation of the Encoder beneath it. The Dual Character Display for each bank and CC Mode can be changed using Notes 16 and 17."

What encoder is it talking about??? About the fader it reads:

"Each of the BASE's 9 touch faders are backlit by 8 addressable LEDs to designate the faders current value. Touch faders accept standard MIDI Feedback. If BASE II receives a message with the same mapping as a fader, it will use the value of that message to set the current value of the fader. "

Can anyone confirm, that this is at all (not) possible? And how?


  • Seems to me, like I can only control the Faders' LEDs, when they receive on the default CCs (1-9).

    The Disaplay of my Base2 receives on CC 34 and 35 (maybe the manual was about the mark1?)

  • Hi, can't help on the MIDI feedback questions as I went the sysex route. But regarding the dual character display: the encoder being talked about is the series of bank buttons. I mean it fits ergonomically and functionally. So, "The Dual Character Display is directly linked to the operation of the [series of bank buttons] beneath it."

  • Hi BertBertBert,

    Details on changing the Dual Character Display Mapping is available here:
    It does not have an inspector element in the editor.
    There is no encoder. Feel free to link where that came from, and I'll make sure it gets cleaned up. 

    By default,
    Sending CC1-9 changes the value of the fader, and the LED Display.
    Sending CC10-18 changes the led display of the fader only.
    You can modify the display mode of the faders using the settings channel as well, if you like.

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