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Ableton 10 & Livid Block / Linux suggestions

Hi Folks

This is my first post. I just purchased a Livid Block second hand + the expansion fader box and i am wondering if it will work with Ableton10?
I tried the 9.7 install exe and pointed it to "PrgrmData/Ableton/Resources/midi.... and it did not work [this is for Windows10 
I am not usually a windows user as most of my work is on Linux with Pure Data but i did have some fun with some older max5 patches and the Block performs as expected quite nicely actually 
I am also working with  heikki ketoharju's axiome monome/midi looper for Block with pure data and it's working perfectly 
So i thought i would see if it would also work ableton. Or if anyone possibly has it working with BitWig [Linux] or Reaper/Ardor linux i would be grateful to hear 
Also if anyone has any links or pointers for the Block resources please let me know

Thank you!


  • The Block uses pretty standard MIDI protocols.

    The Block works with Live 10's manual MIDI mapping function, but does not have automapped remote script for Live 10.

    The same is True for Ardour and Bitwig.
    I haven't used it for Reaper.
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