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CODE: Encoders not receiving LED Feedback

Hi there,

I seem to remember having this issue a few years back. However, I cannot figure it out:
The Encoders on the Code do not respond to their Encoder MIDI Mapping unless I perform a factory reset.
I have been fiddling around with all manner of sysex messages to the code and there is a possibility of one (perhaps not [fully] documented) sysex command messing things up. Mapping the Encoders (even to default mappings) and applying the led not/cc maps afterwards (even with preceding erase commands for the led maps) does not yield the desired result. An Encoder mapped to CC4 does not update when the Code receives CC4 on the current bank channel, only the led ring responds to its mapping (CC4+32 = 36).
The old "Working with Hardware" tutorial for the Code uses a mysterious sysex command: 32. According to the site and the patch it is meant to "decouple" the led rings — however, afaik this is achieved by using the (not documented) local control command (8) to set the local control behaviour for buttons and encoders in one byte. experimenting with this "32" command does not yield any comprehensive results either, perhaps though it has messed things up a little. I scanned through all responses from the Code when sending requests 0-127, this could also have messed things up. Can anyone help?

Much appreciated!


  • okay, well, its done in reverse:

    first set the LED Note/CC Maps, THEN map the encoders for them to receive their MIDI as well (otherwise they are unmapped by the note/cc maps). 
  • You are correct. 

    The encoder maps should be sent after the 'LED Note/ CC Maps', 
    when sending sysex messages to configure code, otherwise the Note/ CC Maps will override the Encoder Feedback mappings.
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