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Ohm 64 .... slow Midi Value Rate when i use the right fader


sorry, my englisch is not the best. I work with the Ohm64 to controll Sunlite Suite. Now i have a problem.
when i use the most right controller, seems, the midi data incomming rate is slow... i am not able to reach the value 127... when i pull the fader down, several seconds are necessary until the last value (zero) is send.

do you have a idea?

I have also some trouble with the rubber Buttons.... i have to press some of them verry strong.. think i have to clean them again, but this is not a nice job  ;-)

best regars


  • edited January 2018

    Hi erich,

    Right-Most Controller:
    The right-most controller sounds like it is damaged or dirty, and made need to be replaced or cleaned.
    - You can try cleaning it with compressed air, you can try a deoxidizing solution (like Deoxit F5 Fader Lube, or Deoxit Gold).
    -- If neither of these are able to improve the behavior, then the slider and/or it's charge capacitor likely needs to replaced.

    - Frequently this is related to the buttons being overtightened on the device.
    When reassembling an Ohm64, you need to retighten the locknuts in a very specific way to achieve optimal performance. 
    - They should be just tight enough that they do not rattle if you shake the PCB.  
    - On the other hand, you want to compress the button rubber as little as possible, so the locknuts must not be overtightened, or the buttons could stick or feel a bit 'clunky' or hard to press.

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