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DS1: different button color for toggled state & select channel on fader move

edited January 2018 in Hardware

Hello fellow Livid users. Hoping someone can help with my questions.

First of all I can't figure how to set a button to have a different color when it's toggled. For example I want the mute button which is red while not actice to stay white while it's active. If it can blink between the two colors the better :D

I'm also looking to select a certain track just by moving the fader a little. is it possible? is this daw related or ds1 related?

I can't figure out how to use the editor although i really tried to... Using OS X El capitan. thanks!


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    'On/Off Colors'
    This can be changed in the Key Feedback section of the DS1 Editor.
    Let me know if I can help you more with this feature.

    'Select Track by Moving Fader'
    This is DAW related in general. If you'd like more help, let me know which software you are trying to do this in, and I will try to help out.

    'Using the Editor'
    It's designed to be fairly simple to use. Plug your controller in, then open the editor.
    You will see in the monitor window that it reads in all of your current settings.
    If you change any settings, they will be sent automatically (after about 3 seconds).
    You can tell when settings are still waiting to be sent, when the 'Save' button in the Global Settings section is disabled.
    If you end up needing more help using the editor, just let me know what's not working as you expected.

    Please note that DS1 Editor requires a fairly new version of the firmware. 
    If the 'Save' button is always grayed out, then you likely need to update your firmware.
    For instructions regarding a firmware update, see the Firmware Update Guide.
  • Hi moon,

    thanks very much for the answers.

    i using cubase pro 9.5. i'm looking for another way of selecting a channel othet than assigning this command to a button. i thought that fader move is the most straightforward and i think other controllers do this as well (panorama, behringer)

    as for cubase in general i have yet to find any info on how to configure ds 1 with it on the internet. but i've found it to be fairly simple thanks to cubase's remote device editor.

    however im still looking for how to assign the 4 rotaries to settings on the selected channel or what to use the 4 knobs on the mid right for. same goes for the blue buttons on the right.

    of course in trying to maximize what the ds1 can do for me but im not necesarilly looking to complicate things. after all i bought it as a replacement for an analog mixer so im pretty content with the basic layout functions anyway.

    any advice or suggestion is welcome.

    thanks again!

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    The official documentation on Generic MIDI Mapping for Cubase is Available here:

    Select track by moving fader:
    I found a forum user did this sucessfully and described the process.

    4 knobs mid-right:
    Frequently these are used for things that are not track specific, like Master Send Levels and Headphone Volume.

    4 rotaries on the selected channel:
    So for example, you want to do something like, set these endless encoders up to controll Sends 1-4 for the selected track?
    Is that right?

    The Blue Buttons on the Right were designed for transport navigation and navigation of a project.
    Some examples are:
    - 'select next track'/ 'select previous track'.
    - Go to Beginning of Song/ Go to End of Song
    - Set Marker/ Next/Previous Marker

  • Hi moon and thanks again for the help!

    I know about the Generic Remote MIDI Mapping and used it correctly for most part of the mapping.
    However the forum user did not solve what I was looking for.   He's basically talking about selecting
    a track by assigning a fader/button to the select track function. What I am actually looking for is to
    assign two commands for the same fader: volume and select. Sadly I did not find out yet how to do this.
    It seems Cubase only lets you assign one command per fader...not two.

    As for the rotaries - yes - i'm looking for something like that - either the selected track's sends or other track specific
    options - like program change/patch select etc.

    I will try to use the lower blue buttons and the mid-right knobs for what you suggested.

    thanks again!
  • I see, so when you try to assign a single fader's CC message to both 'track select' and 'track volume', the first mapping is erased when you assign the second one.

    I have someone bringing Cubase 9.5 tomorrow, and I'll see if I can come up with a workaround for that.
    I'll also work on a method for modifying properties of the 'selected track'.

  • > moon said: > I see, so when you try to assign a single fader's CC message to both 'track select' and 'track volume', the first mapping is erased when you assign the second one.

    Yes, that's exactly the case. I cannot assign two commands to the same controller.

  • edited January 2018

    Thank you. We confirmed the problem using our own machines yesterday, and I will be looking at workarounds tomorrow.

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