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Cell DNA auth key issue

How can I transfer my license from one computer to another.

I have 3 licenses that I just bought back in December 2015.

License 1 is for my performance laptop and I want to keep that.
License 2 is for a computer that I'm retiring.
License 3 got corrupted somehow as my computer crashed due to poor wiring in my apartment, was sent to the shop and now my I get a message about an invalid auth key.  When I try and request a new one, I get an error that I have exceeded my maximum number of keys.

This is concerning as I plan to keep using CellDNA as my primary VJ software to perform live with.  

Please let me know what to do.



  • Can I jump in on this?

    have the same issue. I just migrated to a new mac pro. 
    How to de-authorise cell dna license on old computer?

    I would like to be able to use my licenses on my new mac. 
    Who can I mail at Livid Instruments?

    The Livid site shows no link for support on this. Or am I mistaking?

    Hope anyone at Livid reads this.....
  • Same issue here. 

    They do not respond!

    Won't be buying Livid products again 
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