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replicating multi-position switches and radio buttons with the buttons on ds1

edited January 2017 in Hardware


In Korg Gadget some of the instruments have radio buttons and there are also multi-position slide switches and also multi position rotary switches... there are probably other names for this type of thing but the common theme to all of them is that they only use one CC message to change their settings. When it's a binary switch it's easy to set up with the editor... I just use a button and make it CC and set to toggle and it will transmit 0 or 127 and that works fine but when it comes to more than two options then I can't see a way to do it with a button... I can do it with a pot or a fader/slider because they have the ability to send out all the other values in-between but I want it to be a more specific interface so it's clear from the ds1 what the setting is set to rather than having to check what's happened on-screen.

Is there a way within the ds1 hardware (not with DAW scripts) using the editor to make a switch toggle over incrementally specified increasing values and maybe have a different led colour for the different settings... sorry this one's a bit hard to get into words for me!



  • Basically I want to set the waveform of an oscillator (saw,sine,pulse) using a single button or using two buttons to change the selection back and forth by one of the options.

  • edited January 2017

    I'm using it on iOS.

    Gadget expects a CC and depending one the CC value (0-127) received it will put the switch in the corresponding position "0" being the first position and "127" the last position... but in fact it seems to respond to CC ranges...

    So the switch in this case has 5 positions representing the LFO waveform setting:

    (CC 127 to 101 = S&H)

    (CC 100 to 76 = Pulse)

    (CC 75 to 50 = Saw)

    (CC 49 to 25 = Reverse Saw)

    (CC 24 to 0 = Triangle)

    Note that theses aren't necessarily the exact values but a hunch based on controlling it with a potentiometer control and some basic maths. But the ranges depend on the switch control in question.. they all have different amounts of settings depending on the synth.

    In this example I could control this using five separate buttons but would rather do it only with two (up/down)

    Cheers Alex

  • Sorry forgot to mention that Gadget allows me to change the CC value for that switch but doesn't let me edit the ranges it responds to.

  • Thanks for looking into this and getting back.

    I'll make do with individual buttons for now.

    Fingers crossed for the next release ;)

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