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Base & Base 2 feature request for faders/sliders: "fine"%, level matching, fade time

edited August 2016 in Hardware


I recently bought a Base & Base 2, I think they're great but I have a few requests:

- I notice that the "fine" setting is 20% of the touch fader/slider.  I wish this was adjustable

-  I wish there was a level matching option so that the touch slider doesn't jump to position.  Instead I want the option to use the LED indicator light as the level and to have the % change from there.  For example, I have MIDI sent back from the software which updates the fader/slider position when I change banks (in the software).  If the position is low at 5% and I touch the fader/slider at 85% the level jumps to position without any fade, which is not smooth.

- I wish there was touch a fade time setting for the touch faders/sliders.  For example, a 2 second fade time would smooth out a lot of the movements.  Although an adjustable fade amount would be better.

Thank you for your considerations.

Best regards,


  • edited September 2016

    Yes, exactly.

    Does the hardware have enough resources to calculate fade times?  It would have a more analogue feel to it if it did.  As the saying goes, "there aren't any straight lines in nature."  Looking closely, I have never found a straight line in nature.

      If it could take perhaps, 2 seconds, to smoothly fade from 5% to 85% that would be very helpful.  Even a very small fade time, something to take the edge off - to make it a more analogue movement instead of jumping to values as I try to move.  Otherwise it's all muscle control.  My fingers skip on the surface sometimes.

    Perhaps "shift" for recorded speeds too.  That way one  could have slow, medium, and fast fade times.  

  • edited September 2016

    On second thought, perhaps the opposite would be better?   I'm not sure about the math involved in calculating the speed though.  Perhaps integers per second would more closely resemble a speed?  There being 0-127 integers that make up MIDI it doesn't have any decimal places.  But we can pretend and make believe that there are.  Through programming one can round to the next MIDI CC value and do the math for the fade time.  The idea is to have the MIDI CC change at a chosen speed as it proceeds.  So perhaps a shift key for integers per second too.

    Having an acceleration and deceleration ramp on each end would make it feel more natural too.

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