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Base: setting fader colors via settings channel on different banks

Yesterday i discovered that it was possible to set the modes on colors of the faders via MIDI CC on the settings channel, not only via sysex, which is great.

When I send these CCs while the Base is on Bank 1, everything works out fine, and the colors are updated on bank 1. When i send them while on any other bank, things (colors) just start flying everywhere randomly.

I don't quite understand that google drive doc with the settings channel documentation, but i don't see a way to set colors on the other banks. Is there a way? If not, can i at least set the colors on bank1 while the device is on another bank somehow?


  • I'm using Base (one). The online editor claims that it is the latest firmware (

    So sending things on the settings channel is supposed to apply to whatever bank is currently selected on the device then?
  • Yes. When sending a color change while on bank 2 and up different controls like the pads or other faders change color. I have not yet figured out if it happens in a predictable manner or randomly.

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