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Can't run the "Ableton live scripts 9.6.exe"


I just upgrade to live 9.6 and download the Ohmodes script for Live 9.6, to use with my Ohm RGB.
I can't manage to open the .exe file...
I've upgraded on the 0.76 firmware to...

Could you help me ?
Or, do you have another script file, without .exe please ?


  • I'm on windows 7 64 !

  • When try to open the exe file, there is no error message, but nothing happens
    I can't find Ohmodes in Ableton preferences to...

    Sure, .exe, should be simpler, but if I could try something else, that would be nice ;)

  • Hi moon,


    I've tried the last link, with the new .exe of the developer, but no success...

    Before I decide to make a clean reinstall of windows (which I didn't planed to), I whant to try to manually install the OhmModes, but I don't understand what to copy from second (Mono_Framework) and third (aumhaa) links..., as there are a lot of 2 years old files inside...
    Your first link (Livid_Ohmodes_V2) is now installed in the windows folder, but it doesn't seem to be enough ;)


  • Many thanks Moon !!

    Now everything is OK :)

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