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Ghost Notes, Multiple Note-on messages while pads remain pressed


Sifted through the pad sensitivity threads, however my issue is on the opposite end of the spectrum. I've reset my BaseII to default settings within the Livid Editor. That means that CC Pressure is by default on and assigned to CC mode. I've noticed that the pads send multiple, sporadic note-on messages even while they are being held down on. Depending on one's playing style this results in lots of false hits. However as a mandolin effect it does produce some pleasant, although originally unintended, results with what the Keith McMillan people refer to as "rocking" on the pads: applying pressure in varying corners. 

Thing is, I was planning to use the User Modes on the Live remote script to trigger ClyphX messages, and multiple calls to those messages are going to send live into a tail spin if not a crash if I can't send a single clear message, whether using CC or note. Not to mention, finger drumming is somewhat frustrated by this level of sensitivity, and sustained notes end up choked whenever they receive a new note-on message. Not to mention, fast playing results in a lot of weak scalar lines. 


  • Pardon, the word they use at McMillen to describe the non-isolated messages on each corner of a pad is "Tilt"

     Just put in a help order, so we'll see who answers first. But also gave me an excuse to bump this thread. 

  • Yeah, the default mode of CC pressure (CC numbers being pad dependent) is a weird choice. Maybe it's helpful for a default state for scripts? But outside of DAW-dom it's really offputting. All it's going to do is send unintended messages to instruments. Far better to turn it off, or change the pressure setting to the wonderful polyphonic aftertouch (if your target instruments support it). Hopefully the forthcoming Base editor will give easier customisation options. I made my own.

    Regarding sporadic note-on and offs - When I queried this, the friendly support said something like the pad response is calibrated to typical use, which I took to mean Live clip-launching types? (Damn them!) Maybe you got a more practical response. It's a shame because with a bit of work the Base is... a freaking hardcore Linnstrument. If you haven't seen it, you must check out the recent "BASE II FSR pad sensitivity issue." thread [ ]. It's a big read but so helpful, and sorted my issues with pad response for expressive finger drumming and chromatic playing.

  • edited March 2016

    Thanks lowshelf,

    Yes, I got a more "practical response," only my note on/off's can go rapid fire with just a rocking, fluctuating pressure, or "vibrato" on the pads. Hey, every instrument has it's own feel and inclinations. I'm happy with that. And I'm not a finger drummer by any stretch of the imagination. (I switched to pads because the grid was the most solid replacement I could think of for an ailing microkontrol: keys closely spaced for very open voicings, compact, 3 octaves, xyz stick.)

    I've been so preoccupied with deciding what I'd assign with all those pressure CC messages, but now I'm going to seriously shift gears from DAW-dom and look at the aftertouch feature. Honestly, with only USB ports, I didn't really think any other way. I've been working in the Ableton Remote Script only because I liked how the pads can be mapped and lit with varying vertical offset, base note, and scale restriction. But if I could bring along that range and flexibility to my pad playing without using the script, I'd throw a big fist pump.

    I'm impressed with your modifications; as for additional customization options on the editor, only thing I can think of is specific channel assignment per page/parameter. But I suspect that will be a real no-no with how the Base firmware is implemented.  
  • I think easier editor options would be things like offering up default pad settings rather than setting things up 32 times. Or much better distinguishing between BASE's global settings and bank-specific settings. Right now pad note assignments are global but pad lights, MIDI channel and other things are bank specific. Without making this obvious, you get that scenario where assigning edits to a second bank appears to scramble your first bank, which is a bit raw.

    Any new editor should be heaps better just by virtue of being dedicated. The online editor accommodates different controllers and uses Lividspeak (FSRs, rings, etc.) that didn't obviously match Base interface elements. On the plus side, it made the SYSEX spec seem more inviting... Anyway I had a quick peak at the newish DS1 editor and that looked proper good, so fingers crossed.

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