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OhmModes and Ableton 9.6


I forgot to turn of automatic updates in Ableton, so it just updated to 9.6 (Yeah, very clever, I know).  I'm quite new to using the OhmRGB with the ohm modes script, so I didn't think that it would stop working - but it did. I assume it probably takes some time to upgrade the scripts, so I thought I could just download 9.5 again, but no, I could only download 9.2, and in 9.2 I can't open my project! So does anyone know a way to download 9.5 again? :) 


  • Same.. this nightmare happened to me when I went to play my gig last night! Please tell me you guys are updating the ohm modes script! 

  • I had to go to a Russian torrent site to download version 9.5. I'm assuming it's against the rules to link that here, though Ableton no longer mirrors it themselves and I assume anyone on this forum with Ableton has a legitimate license.

    I uninstalled Ableton, installed the older version I torrented, and copied and pasted the MIDI remote scripts from C:\ProgramData\Ableton\Live 9 Suite.Old and it worked perfect; it authorized properly and worked reliably through an entire DJ gig.
  • Damp, is there no way yet to Connect the ohm64 with 9.6.

    I also need help about it..
  • We should have new installers out very very soon that will fix this....

    I highly recommend turning off autoupdate in Live's preferences, as their updates generally break our scripts.


  • Livid instruments is a well respected company in the dj world. I have owned my ohm rgb now for about two years never had a problem with the first purchase from an external dealer advertised the ohm64 as the ohm RGB. They quickly gave me a refund. Now surfing the web I came across another external dealer or authorized livid instruments dealer. Out of California luckily I got the last OhmRgb. To this day I have not found anything to even come close to my purchase. I have confidence this company will have the scripts out as soon as possible they never let me down this far,but Live earlier updates never had this effect either. Live ,laugh,love

  • Ableton didn't use to do such extensive development to their Python API.  Currently, with the advent of Push, they make major changes to their backend very often (which tends to break our scripts).  Since we aren't official partners with them, we have to wait for a release before we can update our distributed scripts.  Its unfortunate, but the price of progress I guess.


  • you have got to be kidding! I just bought a ohm rgb today and now you tell me it wont work with ableton 9.6? ? ? 

  • Yeah, that's no fun....which platform are you on?


  • Luckily my teacher had 9.5. I too had a gig the same day so that was really scary! The gig went fine though, and now I have turned off autoupdates, and from now on I shall always have an older version of live on my computer as a .dmg file, just in cases of this! :) 

  • That's how I do's easy to have two versions of Live on your machine if you're on OS X....just rename one something different in the Applicatons folder.


  • Thank you edgarinsky! It seems to work perfectly. :) 

  • whats up with that link that edgarinsky posted? is there a 9.6 installer floating around now?

  • Windows

    Let me know if you have any trouble with those.  I recommend installing in a fresh installation of Live, but not strictly necessary.


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