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2 Base Remote Script questions

I'm using a Base II with the remote script for Live. I've got two questions:

1) When I overdub a drum part into a clip with my keyboard (say I'm adding HH fills), undo in Live will undo the entire last loop's worth of beats. When I do this with Base II (in Sends mode), and hit undo, it removes only a few of the last notes. I can do undo multiple times to eventually undo the whole loop's worth, but this isn't as convenient as just hitting undo to remove the "last take". Is this something the remote script is doing explicitly? Can it be disabled?

2) Oy do I hate flashing! I'd love to change the various flashing of the 1-8 right hand buttons with just color changes. Especially the flashing yellow in Sends mode is very obnoxious!



  • 1)  Not really sure, I'd have to look into why it happens that way.  It's not anything the script is explicitly doing, but it might be something that the newer scripts have API access to that isn't implemented in ours.

    2) Yeah, you can edit the file in a text editor and customize the skin.  For instance, line 151:

    NewOn = LividRGB.BlinkFast.YELLOW

    Change that to:

    NewOn = LividRGB.YELLOW

    Save the file, restart Live, and that should get you one less blinky light.  Rinse and repeat.


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