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OhmRGB - mechanical problem with buttons!

edited November 2015 in Hardware

Hi there,
my OhmRGB Controller is now about three ears old and has recently become unstable.
Some buttons—happens to be the leftmost column of the 8x8 grid with the crossfader button beneath—do not handle their pressing down correctly anymore.
What happen is:

• when pressing buttons there are lag issues and MIDI isn't being processed for a while (sometimes one whole second even before note-on command)
• when pressed and pressure varied ever so slightly (sometimes without moving at all), the button will send on/off commands all the time (see MIDI monitor screenshot with given event times within miliseconds)


what could the reasons be?
how can it be fixed?

I could send the device back to the store where i had bought it from and could get it fixed for free (warranty), but only if this issue is a technical flaw rather than something due to mishandling or wearing down; after all, this could perhaps happen if little bits of whatever continuously made their way into the device over time… but I won't open it up until it's clear what may have happened.

thanks very much in advance!



  • Hi Justin,
    thanks for the reply.

    I've updated the firmware, however it seems to be a hardware issue — especially because buttons used to not change their state in any way when they were pressed and one would move the finger around slightly, it was either off or on: the controller buttons were either pressed or released fully for 64 and 0 velocity respectively. I vaguely remember a few moments on stage in the past where certain button presses didn't respond as expected, but I had pinned it down to hesitation and thereby lack of determination when pressing the buttons (using it as a keyboard at that time)… it could well be that this issue has basically begun to occur on fewer occasions earlier and by now has reached an extreme.

    I've removed the back plate, and although I am not entirely sure which »two main boards« I am to »push […] back together« I nontheless checked all accessible connections (the boards and the cables) and unplugged/replugged them but still to no avail.

    This issue is not limited to one row but occurs with many if not most buttons.

    I personally feel as if the entire board is basically not as much in touch with the physical (user) control surface anymore and hence the slightest of upward movements of the grid buttons causes a disconnection, or rather a loose connection. It feels as if two adjacent boards/surfaces have shifted apart so the buttons cannot make a continuous connection anymore; but I am not too keen on undoing the whole controller before I know what I'm doing. Having said that, my warranty will probably say farewell for good when I intervene too much.

    Anyway, please let me know what else I can do/check/rectify/feed back.

    I love this controller, it has proven to be among the most important devices in my setups.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Hi Justin,

    not all buttons seem to behave in the same way every time, this makes it difficult to explicitly name those buttons which cause problems. I have nonetheless a picture file which reveals the buttons which caused the issues recently, as well as a MIDI Monitor file. The MIDI Monitor file shows all events which were created by pressing all buttons one after the other for approx. 1 second each, first the 8x8 grid matrix by row from left to right, then the F-buttons in three pairs of twos, livid button and the remaining fader buttons from left to right. You may notice that some events do not even occur (buttons do not respond at all in time), while others flood the monitor. I will also attach a link to a picture i took from the inside of the button circuit (at least where I assume it is), which was hardly reachable without a periscopic camera, so it might not be as revealing in the end… seems however that everything is intact there… I have double checked and pressed the boards together so there shouldn't be any loose connection. I do hope that temporarily removing the back plate doesn't mess with the warranty by the way……

    Thanks Justin.

    corrupted button overview:

    MIDI Monitor file:

    button circuit pins (beneath board):
  • Hi Moon, fortunately, this is a good time to go without the controller for I am moving studios.

    to be perfectly honest on my side too, I had bought the controller from a german shop which generally offers 3 years warranty ;) — they have already confirmed that I shall send in the device, they will check if it was my fault and perhaps send it back to you guys if needed. Hence it should be okay, unless they say I shouldn't have opened the back plate of the controller…

    What's the best then?
    Send it directly to you guys or to the shop I've bought it from?

  • okay, thank you.

    I will therefore send the controller to the 'local' store here in Germany, if needed, they will forward it to Texas.

    Thanks for the help so far.

  • three more things to mention,

    1) I've got in touch with the German company who sold the Ohm to me with three years of warranty.
    They urged me to not open the device, evn if you say it'll be alright for otherwise their warranty expires though they did also say that it were up to me to sort this out reliably with you @Livid. This is just to make sure that when you receive the device (because I am sure you will in the end) everything can still be dealt with in satisfactory fashion for everyone.
    I will send them back the OhmRGB to check for mechanical errors and they will end up sending it back to you for repair.

    2) another issue is that I had placed an order about two years ago but didn't get sent everything (an external crossfader did not get shipped by your shop), means that if you send back the OhmRGB to me you could enclose that crossfader I assume? I could provide details of the order and maybe you can find out what happened.

    3) thirdly, I was wondering if there is a way to smoothen the Ohm's crossfader for it to slide left/right with less impedance, i.e. can its mounting be loosened for quicker movements at all (like the APC40's crossfader)? I will surely not make any attempts myself before getting in touch with you, and perhaps it is something you could take care of whilst the device is opened anyway :\ ?? I tend to not use the crossfader for it seem to be too tight.

    —> if I should then enclose any written details in the parcel, let me know.

    cheers in advance for the info, I will ship the device as soon as I got your feedback!


  • thanks very much, that's what I'll do.

  • Hi Moon,

    thank you very much for fixing the Controller. The problem has been solved, it alsmost feels like I've been sent a replacement. It works beautifully! Thanks!

    However, my other two issues seemed to have been ignored despite the reference to this thread?
    The crossfader is still pretty rigid — perhaps this is how the Ω is built? — but nothing was mentioned in the return parcel. My old order could have easily been shipped along with the device, it was merely a crossfader I had already paid for. What happened?


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