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Building your own MIDI Controller

edited September 2015 in Hardware

Hey Livid! I had a few questions:

My mixer is kinda starting to fail on me, and I have been toying around with the idea of creating my own mixer/all-in-one midi controller.

I am curious as to what you guys recommend. I plan on it having at least 20 pots, 5 Long Faders, a bunch of LED's that are RGB preferably, 16 arcade buttons, 16 - 20 silicone buttons from your store, and etc. On top of that, the controller would be wood or laser cut plastic of some kind, as well as there would the mixer portion, and then it extends left and right with inserts for Traktor Kontrol X1 Mark 1's. It would sort of look like a DDJ SX almost.

I would like to know which one of your boards would work the best. So far I think the BrainV2 would be the best pick based on the videos I have watched, though I would like to know what you guys think. I would also need a few BYOB (?) Boards to snap into smaller sizes and place around the inside of the casings and wire together. For example, my EQ kills would be too far apart, ad would need one square of board per button, and then ire them all together. 

Any suggestions would be awesome!


  • Hi DJ_Vanska,

    You'll definitely want to use a Brain v2 since there are so many controls! I recommend using the Omni boards as much as possible. It will make the build easier and more reliable.

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