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Alias 8 Template/ Scripts


I am a happy owner of a brand new copy of 9 live and I got myself livid instruments alias 8 controller.

Ok am a little stuck here

I have watched this youtube clip where he has the controls of the hardware mapped to effects on live. check clip here..

Now I have gone to the livid site, and clicked on the integration section for live 9, this caused a livid icon to appear on my desktop, when clicked, it seems to unpack/download scripts/files.

My question is, how can i get my alias 8 mapped the same way in the youtube clip?

has clicking on the livid icon on my desktop doing anything, it doesn't seem so?

How can i achieve this, please bear in mind i am all new to this.



  • thanks for the reply bud.

    I still can't seem to get the effects rack set up like in the youtube clip, how do I go about it?
  • It's probably a trick with midi mapping to the effect chain selector, but I've inquired with Kendall for the Live set that the video was made with. We'll have something soon!

  • thanks guys.

    I am aware of how to map faders and eq ect to the alias but I really want the effects rack set up just like in the clip.

    If anyone can tell me how to do it manually I will have a try.
  • here are the ableton projects referenced in the video Hope this helps! 

  • Thanks Peter and everyone else.

    All good.  Gonna have a little play now. 

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