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LED brightness / RGB Omni


the perceived brightness of the LEDs on my Omni RGB boards (driven by a brain v2) is very low - especially when covered with the rubber pads. HOWEVER, when I just updated the firmware I realized that the LEDs that are flashing during programming must be driven with a higher current - they appeared WAY brighter (or in other words: perfectly lit).

Is this a bug? Or a power limitation? Or...? And is it possible to drive all leds in that brightness? <-- would solve lots of problems as the omni board pads otherwise cannot be used in daylight or certain conditions on stage where there is light coming from behind. ..



  • The bootload function directly powers two LEDs, so its much brighter. However in normal operation the Brain v2 is handling up to 192 LEDs so they are dimmer. There is no way to crank the brightness on the Brain v2.

  • Mhh, ok. Than I guess, I'll have to live with it. Maybe this is a design aspect for future releases of the brain series?

    If I understand correctly, the LEDs are driven sequentially (so only one is lit at a single time, but perhaps 100 times a second) - if there are less than the maximum of LEDs on at the same time (by constraint) or even less than 192 LEDs connected, they could be driven with a higher frequency and so appear brighter.

    So if you decide to make the firmware open source, I'd love to give this variant a try. :-)

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